iPhone 6c Leaked Video Shows A Smaller Smartphone And Looks Near Identical To Its Large Screen Counterparts


Over the course of several months, we have covered several hardware aspects of the upcoming iPhone 6c, and Apple is attempting to resurrect the 4 inch form factor that was popular amongst consumers with smaller hands. Now, the latest leaked video shows that the upcoming handset is going to be sport many properties that were found on the company’s iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus (aesthetic ones).

iPhone 6s again

Check Out The Latest Leaked Video Showing Apple’s iPhone 6c

Apple is going to be hosting an event during the month of March, and during that event, the company is definitely going to be announcing a plethora of products, and we expect that out of those, the company’s 4 inch iPhone 6c is going to be part of that lineup. According to the details of the video, the upcoming smartphone looks exactly the same as an iPhone 6s, if you do not count the differences in dimensions. However, one of the most commendable things that Apple has done with its 4 inch iPhone is not compromised on its horsepower.

According to our previously reported leaks, iPhone 6c is expected to sport the same A9 SoC that is present in both the 4.7 and 5.5 inched handsets. Additionally, the upcoming smartphone will also be rocking an NFC chip that will allow consumers to make contactless transactions at ‘point of sale’ locations. The NFC payment feature is much more secure as compared to making payments through credit or debit cards since the information of the cardholder does not remain on the server. It will remain on Apple’s servers, ensuring that another security layer has been added.

iPhone 6s 3

It was also reported by us that iPhone 6c is going to feature an off-contract price that will be in the range of $400-$500 and will account for 8-9 percent of the company’s total iPhone sales for 2016. Due to its smaller size, owning the handset will be disadvantageous when two specifications are concerned; smaller resolution and a smaller battery capacity. According to our reports, iPhone 6c will be incorporated with a 1,642mAh battery and a resolution that is smaller than one being radiated on an iPhone 6s. While some might be excited on the imminent arrival of the smartphone, one analyst in particular is not too optimistic.

While his concerns might be genuine, we will be waiting for the official announcement of the handset and will update you accordingly. Do you guys think that iPhone 6c is something you will invest in later in the future? Let us know your thoughts.


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