iPhone 6s Camera Was Used To Shoot An Entire Music Video On The Smartphone

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Despite the fact that flagship smartphones have yet to succeed to capabilities of expensive DSLR and mirrorless cameras, using them to shoot low budget videos have started to quite the level of popularity, as one director proved it when he uses his iPhone 6s to complete the entire project.

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Entire Music Video Shot With An iPhone 6s – See The Entire Video Here

Sven Dreesbach might have been on a low budget when shooting a music but he clearly wasn’t lacking any brains when he used an iPhone 6s to shoot an entire music video. Though small on the total number of megapixels (12.3MP), the smartphone can easily record 4K videos at 30FPS, meaning that it can also record full HD footage at 120FPS, allowing for slow-mo edits, which becomes a great perk when the editors begin their magic on the project and release a far more refined video.


Coming to the additional details of the project; the video for Robot Koch’s Dark Waves feat. Delhia de France was shot entirely on an iPhone 6s by director Dreesbach. Keep in mind that this is not the only time where an iPhone was used to capture footage for a music video project. The last time something like this took place, it was Kanye West’s Only One, which also featured Paul McCartney, and before you ask which iPhone model was used, it was an iPhone 6, which possesses a much inferior camera sensor compared to its successor.

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While the iPhone 6s is slightly waterproof and not completely, the director had to use the housing case by Watershort in order to get the underwater shots. When shooting on land, he took advantage of stabilization gadgets that allowed him to capture proper footage, suggesting that if he just used a standalone iPhone 6s to capture the entire footage, it might not have looked so good, not to mention that it could have very well met a watery grave when submerged in water.

The music video has been given below and is about four minutes long. Do take a look at it and see what you thought of the director’s efforts to reduce his budget severely by shifting to smartphones to capture music videos.


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