Apple Analyst Believes That 4 Inch iPhone 6c Will Not Help The Company At All

iPhone 6c is expected to pack impressive hardware underneath its hood. However, one analyst is not at all convinced that the company will be able to generate a healthy amount of financial growth with the release of the upcoming 4 inch smartphone.

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Gene Munster Believes That iPhone 6c Cannot Turn The Tide For Apple – Let Us See What Else He Has To Say       

Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster, who happens to be a notable analyst when it comes to Apple believes that a lower-end iPhone 6c won't really mean much for Apple, despite the fact that some users have started to show that smaller screen smartphones are still in demand these days. From our previous reports concerning the upcoming handset, iPhone 6c is expected to be quite the performer thanks to the hardware that is going to be present inside. Our latest report stated that the smartphone was going to pack an A9 SoC; the same one present in the tech giant’s iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

As for the analyst’s findings, he has summarized it in the bullet points below:

Consumers do not want smaller screen sized smartphones: According to Munster, while there are about 20 percent of people who have displayed a very strong affinity towards seeing an iPhone 6c, he says that people say this because of the following. They prefer 4 inch screens and are simply saying this because they still continue to use the older models. If they upgrade to an iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, they would quickly take back their words.

Apple Analyst Believes That 4 Inch iPhone 6c Will Not Help The Company At All

Color variety does not carry any significance: The analyst also states that people do not care much about color variety. Sure, it is definitely great for putting on a good first impression, but the long lasting effect depends upon how much battery life and performance can be raked from the smartphone.

iPhone 6c will be far from cheap: Remember the last time when people were saying that Apple was going to release a cost-effective iPhone 5c? Well that never happened and just like before, it is not going to happen with the upcoming device. Apple will always be charging a premium for its devices, because it believes that it is delivering unparalleled experience, and that consumers should have to pay more for it. iPhone 5c carried an unlocked price tag of $549, so it looks like iPhone 6c is going to be priced around the same range.

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If iPhone 6c is incorporated with impressive hardware, then we believe that it can actually do well, albeit, at a much lesser scale compared to iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, but it can still bring about a healthy growth for the company. What are your impressions of the upcoming smartphone? Do tell us your thoughts immediately.


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