iPhone 12 Lineup Not Getting 120Hz Displays Was All ‘About Battery Life’ – Apple Reportedly Chose With 5G Instead of High Refresh Rate Screens

iPhone 12 Lineup Not Getting 120Hz Displays Was All ‘About Battery Life’ - Apple Reportedly Chose With 5G Instead of High Refresh Rate Screens

Apple’s ‘Hi, Speed’ event kicks off tomorrow, on October 13 and we’ll likely be greeted by a total of four new iPhone 12 models. While there might still be some confusion regarding the specifications of each handset, it’s pretty much confirmed that no iPhone 12 model will get a 120Hz OLED screen but it’s not because it didn’t have the supported hardware. Quite the contrary, as leakster Jon Prosser states that Apple likely wanted to market the battery life of each model, so it had a choice between a faster display and support for 5G networks. The company chose the latter, for reasons which you’ll read about in just a moment.

Prosser Says That 5G Support Was Easier to Market but Mentions That 120Hz Support Will Arrive for iPhone 13 ‘for Sure’

According to Prosser, omitting a 120Hz display was all about delivering the best battery life possible. If both 5G and 120Hz options were available and enabled, it’s highly likely future customers will complain about the battery endurance of any model they acquire. One other reason as to why Apple chose with 5G instead of a faster display is because it is easier to market. He implies that a lot of users aren’t going to worry about a faster display being present on an iPhone, probably because iOS already delivers that seamless and fluid operating system experience.

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Regardless of how efficient the A14 Bionic running in all four models might be, it doesn’t negate the fact that the addition of both 5G and 120Hz refresh rate displays would end up being battery guzzlers for the iPhone 12 family. You should also know that compared to the iPhone 11 lineup, the iPhone 12 series are rumored to sport smaller battery capacities since Apple would have to make room for other components such as a bigger camera module. In any circumstance, a smaller battery is always a downgrade.

Looking at these decisions, it was probably best to avoid the implementation of a faster refresh rate display but there’s excellent news on the horizon. Prosser claims that the iPhone 13 for 2021 will feature a 120Hz display ‘for sure’ but didn’t care to mention if all, or specific models will get the hardware upgrade. Looks like we’ll wait and find out next year.

In the meantime, if you want to know what else Apple might unveil during its October 13 presentation, be sure to check out our rumored roundup of what to expect during the event. Like always, we’ll be here to provide our readers with timely updates, so stay tuned.

News Source: Jon Prosser

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