iPhone 12 Might Be Contributing To Increase In Low Air Quality in China


Analysts are suggesting that iPhone 12's production might be contributing to an increase in low air quality in China. Studies show that the four Chinese cities where Apple's manufacturing partners are located have been showing a trend of low air quality ever since iPhone 12's production ramped up in September.

These four cities include Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Chongqing. The uptick in air quality reduction has been tracked from the beginning of September, which was peak iPhone 12 production period, leading up to its launch in October. This year, Apple has announced four new iPhone 12 models, more than it has ever announced in the past.

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Analysts from Morgan Stanley wrote in a note, acquired by CNBC:

“Using air quality data from a non-profit platform that collects and publishes air quality data in China, we track nitrogen dioxide levels (controlling for temperature, humidity, wind, etc.), which, according to the European Space Agency, is a first-level indicator of industrial activity, in four Chinese cities where Apple’s manufacturing partners have a large manufacturing presence.”

The correlation between iPhone 12 production and low air quality might not be entirely accurate, as other companies also get products manufactured by suppliers in these cities. However, the data coincides with iPhone 12's delayed launch this year, which also meant that production ramp-up started later as well.

“As of October 26th, air quality data from Zhengzhou, also known as ‘iPhone City,’ shows that industrial production levels have spiked higher recently, about a month later than historical seasonality, which we believe coincides with the ramp in iPhone 12 mass production."

So far, Apple has only started shipping iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro to customers, while iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max will start shipping in October. The launch for these new smartphones is also phased out, with India and Korea, along with 13 other countries, seeing sales start from October 30.

Early data has shown that iPhone 12 demand is high which has resulted in extended delivery times from Apple. The company launched its 2020 flagship smartphone with a new design, which has been met with universal praise. It also features faster 5G networking, bleeding-edge A14 Bionic chip, improved cameras, MagSafe, and much more.

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