iPhone 12 Pro Durability Test Reveals How Resistant the Ceramic Shield Is When It Comes to Scratches


Apple mentioned during its iPhone 12 Pro presentation that the Ceramic Shield that is sandwiched together to give the flagship additional protection is said to have four-times the crack resistance of normal glass. This would make it more durable than regular glass right? Well, we simply cannot take Apple’s word for it and neither can JerryRigEverything, who has decided to perform a durability test on the 6.1-inch premium handset.

Ceramic Shield Continues to Display the Same Scratch-Resistance as the Same Type of Glass Present on Most Premium Android Flagships

Zach just got his hands on the new $999 iPhone 12 Pro and what better way to test it out than to perform a durability test on it. According to the YouTuber, the new design of the iPhone 12 Pro will contribute more to that protection we talked about earlier, since the glass at the front sits slightly deeper, making the side frames prone to impact first, protecting the screen as a result. Regardless, he whips out his Mohs picks of hardness and mentions that the front glass scratches at a level 6, though the marks left behind are less prominent compared to the tests that he’s seen previously.

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He repeats the same test on the rear camera lenses to see how scratch-resistant those three units are. Just like the display, the lens leaves marks from a level-6-pick. The impressive attribute of Ceramic Shield is that it conducts heat relatively slowly, which is why when Zach attempts to put the flame of his lighter against the display, there are no permanent OLED damage marks even after the screen has been in contact with heat for more than half a minute.

Onto the bend test, which is our favorite segment on every episode of JerryRigEverything, just to see if smartphone manufacturers have taken shortcuts when it comes to the durability of their product. The iPhone 12 Pro holds out extremely well, not flexing an inch when pressure is applied from both ends. This is remarkable to see and we should commend Apple when it comes to adhering to the durability of its products.

In short, you should expect the iPhone 12 Pro to last for a considerably long period, even after it’s gone through light or moderate levels of abuse. Those annual iOS updates also mean users will have access to the latest and greatest software features from Apple, which is a plus. As for the Ceramic Shield, looks like there will have to be more iterations from the company to finally call it an innovation in durability, but at least we’re getting somewhere.

News Source: JerryRigEverything