iPhone 12 Family Will Stick to Lightning Port This Year, Not USB-C, but Expect a ‘Portless’ iPhone in 2021, Says Leakster

iPhone 12 Family Will Stick to Lightning Port This Year

Looks like there will another year of Lightning port iPhones in 2020, according to a tipster. The entire iPhone 12 family will reportedly comprise up of four models, ranging from the cheapest 5.4-inch version, to the behemoth-sized 6.7-inch model. Sadly, if you were searching for any of these models to sport a Type-C USB port, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

The 2021 iPhone 13 Will Reportedly Have a Smart Connector, as Apple Looks to Secure a Wireless Future

Looking back at Apple’s products, such as the 2020 iPad Pro, the 2020 MacBook Pro and the 2020 MacBook Air, it certainly looks like the tech giant has embraced USB-C as the future of physical connectivity. Unfortunately, the same thing cannot be said about the upcoming iPhone 12 range. According to Twitter user choco_bit, the USB-C prototype of the iPhone 12 isn’t going to production, meaning that potential customers will need to continue using Lightning port-based accessories with every model for another 12 months.

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Also, it doesn’t look like Apple will introduce USB-C with the iPhone 13 range arriving in 2021. Instead, Apple might incorporate a Smart Connector. Strangely, a previous report talking about the iPhone 13 going ‘portless’ didn’t talk about the existence of a Smart Connector, but it’s the logical thing to do and we’ll explain why. Additionally, with wireless charging being able to pump out more wattage, perhaps the iPhone 13 will embrace a higher charging standard that will allow users to top up battery much faster.

Still, it’s not confirmed if Apple will bundle a wireless charger with the iPhone 13 lineup or if it will use another proprietary solution like the Lightning port. Since the iPhone is the top revenue generator for the company, it’s possible Apple introduces a proprietary Smart Connector with which it can earn more royalty payments from its accessory manufacturing partners.

Then again, it’s important to treat this tweet with a pinch of salt and await further updates on the matter. Apple is expected to announce its new iPhone 12 series in either September or October, so let us see if the company gravitates to USB-C or sticks to Lightning.

News Source: Twitter (Fudge)

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