iPhone 12 Launch on Track for September as Suppliers Ramp up Production Capabilities


The iPhone 12 will be launched later this year in four different variants as it was previously reported. However, we also heard that due to the ongoing pandemic, the iPhone 12 launch might be delayed. As it turns out, Apple has ramped up its production capabilities which put the forthcoming iPhone 12 on track to launch in September.

iPhone 12 Launch Might Happen at its Usual September Timeframe - Says Supply Chain Sources

According to analysts at Wedbush, Apple's improvements in the supply chain have boosted production which further suggests that the iPhone is right on track for a September launch. There were numerous reports that suggested that the iPhone 12 launch will be delayed due to the global health crises.

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The supply chain getting back to normalization ahead of expectations has been impressive and now ultimately puts Cook & Co. back in the drivers seat to launch this 5G cycle in its typical mid-late September timeframe …

However, the Wedbush report coins that despite the delays and hindrances, suppliers have managed to increase production. This makes the iPhone 12 to launch in its usual annual schedule.

We believe during 2021 Apple has strong potential to be the first $2 trillion valuation given the 5G tailwinds and services momentum potential over the coming years […] and the stage is setting for a massive pent up iPhone 12 cycle heading into the Fall in this key region as well as globally […]

Our recent Asia checks and supply chain contacts are now looking at iPhone units in the 160 million to 180 million range for CY20 with strong underlying momentum into CY21 on the heels of iPhone 12 which remains the linchpin to our “5G super cycle thesis” on Apple.

The services business we assign a $600 billion to $650 billion valuation range given the increasingly importance of this key revenue stream that is getting a new appreciation by investors during this COVID-19 pandemic, as Cook & Co. continue to stress the software/hardware ecosystem during WWDC this week virtually with developers front and center.

Moreover, the report also suggests that China will see strong growth and that the iPhone 12 will not ship with EarPods in the coming years. This will allow the company to boost its AirPods sales. Furthermore, the firm still stands strong to its words that iPhone models in the US will only get the mmWave 5G variant.

We will share more details on the iPhone 12 launch as soon as we hear it.

News Source: 9to5mac