Latest iPad mini 6 Mockup Shows Razor-Thin Bezels & Touch ID Spot That Could Be Embedded Under the Display


More evidence that the iPad mini 6 will be vastly different compared to the iPad mini 5 comes in the form of a 3D-printed mockup, which reveals that the upcoming tablet will share an iPad Pro-like aesthetic, but with a slightly different touch.

Previous Rumor Claimed the iPad mini 6 Would Launch in March, but That Never Happened

Both xleaks7 and Pigtou bring you a fresh mockup of the iPad mini 6. There is also a video provided at the bottom, and strange enough, it features the term ‘5G’ in the title. This can mean that the upcoming iPad Pro series may not be the only one that Apple aims to incorporate a 5G modem in, but we will continue to monitor what the company’s plans are. First, let us talk about the design.

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The iPad mini 6 sports extremely thin bezels and what appears to be in-screen Touch ID. This means that unlike the iPad Air 4, which sports a side-mounted fingerprint reader, Apple might take a different approach with this tablet as far as biometrics is concerned. A previous render gallery also showed the iPad mini 6 to feature thin bezels, along with a spot where the Touch ID sensor would be present.

However, many critics believed that these renders were not legit, suggesting that perhaps the person who uploaded those images might have been provided the wrong info. Mac Otakara previously predicted that the display size of the iPad mini 6 would increase to 8.4 inches diagonally but would not support Face ID. According to the latest 3D mockups, the upcoming tablet fits that description. Also, since previous rumors claiming that the iPad mini 6 would launch in March did not come true, when should we expect it?

According to a different source, Apple could unveil it during H2, 2021, but do not get your hopes up if it gets delayed. Our hunch is that whenever the iPad mini 6 arrives, it will go on sale after the 2021 iPad Pro series officially launches, so let us remain patient and await further updates.

News Source: Pigtou