iPad mini 6 Could Be Apple’s Upcoming ‘iPad mini Pro,’ With Launch Rumored to Happen in H2, 2021


There is a possibility that the iPad mini 6 arrives in the second half of 2021, though previous information has pegged the small tablet to arrive in March. Apple may also decide on a new name, with a fresh rumor claiming that the ‘iPad mini Pro’ could have a bigger display than the current-generation iPad mini 5.

iPad mini Pro Has Apparently Passed Apple’s Initial R&D Phase

According to Korean website Naver, this iPad mini Pro, or iPad mini 6, whatever you want to call it, for now, has passed Apple’s initial R&D stage and is currently in a ‘P2’ state. Apple is rumored to commence DVT or Design Validation Tests soon. Assuming things go according to plan, the iPad mini 6 would then go through a Production Validation Test, or PVT, after which the tablet would undergo mass production.

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The rumor also mentions that the slate would feature a 8.7-inch display, but failed to mention if it would be using mini-LED technology like the upcoming iPad Pro line. Given that the iPad Air 4 features IPS LCD tech, it would be unfair if Apple proceeded to use a more advanced display on a smaller tablet. A previous report mentioned that the iPad mini 6’s display size would measure 8.4 inches diagonally, so according to the fresh rumor, the upcoming tablet could be slightly bigger.

However, unlike the iPad Air 4, it is not expected that the iPad mini 6 uses USB-C, and Apple may continue to use its proprietary Lightning interface for the device. Like always, treat this rumor with a pinch of salt for now, and we will have more updates for our readers. You can also check out some supposed renders of the upcoming iPad mini Pro, and let us know down in the comments on what you think.

News Source: Naver