iPad Air 2 GPU Benchmarks – Lightest Tablet Leads Over Tegra K1 Powered Nexus 9

Apple's latest and apparently the brightest iPad Air 2 is powered by an unorthodox tri-core processing unit. An enhanced A8X with three cores or increased capabilities take this tablet to the top league when it comes to CPU and GPU performance. The three cores of this tablet were revealed earlier in the week through a preliminary iPad Air 2 benchmark tests. We are now seeing this latest tablet on the GFX Bench for some iPad Air 2 GPU benchmark results.

iPad Air 2 GPU benchmark results:

This year is seeing some amazing updates when it comes to processors, especially the battle between tablets. Google made some waves with its HTC Nexus 9 tablet being powered by the premium Nvidia Tegra K1. This
followed by the recent launch of Apple's iPad Air 2 which the Cupertino has powered with a three core Cyclone. Apple's improved A8X processor features 3 billion transistors giving some awesome processing and graphics performances.

The graphics side of the unit is a new PowerVR GX6650 processor from Imaginations Technologies coming in A8X with six clusters. iPad Air 2 has four-cluster GX6450 on the A7 processor. This is facing no other match but the Nexus 9 and its industry leading processors. Nexus 9 with its Tegra K1 chip coupled with Kepler graphics unit is considered to be the leader when it comes to gaming on mobile devices. Both the devices are running together leading the graphics front of the tablets. Here are the few preliminary iPad Air 2 GPU benchmarks. This is only an indication of what is expected from the devices. However, the original, real-life performance is also heavily dependent on the software.

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Source: GFX Bench

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