iOS 9 Concept Hopes to See Night Mode, Smart Sleep, Settings History, and More Such Convenient Features

Rafia Shaikh

iOS 7 redefined how Apple's mobile operating system looked and behaved. This year's iOS 8 furthered the refreshing, minimalist beauty of iOS 7 by adding more features and functionality. It is believed that now is the time for iOS to act as a mature operating system, after the renovation of design department and addition of many previously-considered as unorthodox features for iOS. iOS can certainly take its advantages further by adding enhanced, luxury features keeping in mind preferences of users. This perhaps is the first iOS 9 concept and it comes from the iconic name of Ralph Theodory. For one, we think there are more than just a few ideas here that Apple could certainly consider adding in the next iteration of iOS.

iOS 9 concept adds more features:

This feature for us is working on creating more convenience for users. By adding different form of Springboard and having Settings easily accessible, it makes digital lives of Apple users a tad easier. Here are some of the features that Ralph Theodory's iOS 9 concept hopes of having:

  • Night Mode to add a perfect skin atop iOS which will save the battery life and will also make the viewing experience better.
  • Search and history in Settings: this might be the best feature to see in iOS 9. Search would help user find the required setting quickly rather than going through different nested tabs. On the other hand history will help us if we forget where we messed up last time or if we want to traverse some steps.
  • Some of the commonly wanted features from iOS like the ability of closing all apps at once and having settings accessible everywhere.
  • Ralph also hopes of seeing three different app modes to suit what you prefer.
  • Smart shuffle and smart sleep.
  • Customizable lock screen.

Here are the iOS 9 concept features:

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