iOS 10 Beta Vs iOS 9 – Visual Comparison (Screenshots)

Uzair Ghani

Here's an iOS 10 beta vs iOS 9 visual comparison showing the changes Apple has implemented in its brand new OS.

iOS 10 Beta Vs iOS 9 Visual Comparison Shows Visually What's New

If you haven't tried iOS 10 beta for yourself, you're probably still aware of what it looks like thanks to Apple's marketing material on its very own website. Apple added a lot of spit and polish to the OS giving it a brand new look and feel in a lot of ways. But how does it compare to iOS 9 visually? Today, we'll be answering that question in a neat iOS 10 beta vs iOS 9 visual comparison fashion using side-by-side screenshots.

Have a look below and see for yourself how iOS 10 beta compares to iOS 9. The screenshot on the left is of iOS 10 beta with iOS 9 being on the right. The screenshots show the corresponding features in the new compared to the old software.

iOS 10 Beta Vs iOS 9 Screenshots


As you can see there are a lot of things brand new in iOS 10. Starting off from the home screen, Slide to Unlock option is now gone and has been replaced with 'Press home to open.' Notifications on the other hand look more cleaner on iOS 10 beta compared to iOS 9. Even Control Center looks like a mega upgrade compared to everything else Apple has thrown into the mix.

It should be kept in mind the visual elements in iOS 10 beta can change as we move closer to final release. Apple has done this in the past and will probably do it again this year. There is also a chance we might not see any change at all. But that remains to be seen.

iOS 9 was Apple's big evolutionary upgrade over iOS 8 and packs a lot of new features under the hood. iOS 10 takes things further in a lot of ways, especially on the design front. Apple even made some bold moves to how iOS works which might cause a bit of a stir among veteran users. Of course, Apple might end up taking a reverse stance regarding some of its decisions, but there's a long way to go before we start seeing major developmental changes.

We will be doing more comparison posts like the one above in the days to come, so stay tuned to our coverage. Meanwhile, let us know which iOS 10 feature caught your attention the most. It better be that new Control Center, nothing else.

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