iOS 8.3 Now Enables You To Initiate Phone Calls On Speakerphone With ‘Hey Siri’

The latest iOS 8.3 Beta version was seeded to developers as well as the general public, and a lot is expected from the release. Some of the anticipated features are known while some of them made their way to the dumpster. One such feature that caught our eye concerns 'Hey Siri' operations. Finally, the iOS 8.3 beta enables users to make phone calls on the speakerphone using Siri. This feature was long awaited and developers seemed to have been testing it for quite some time.

iOS 8.3 was handed to the developers for testing even before users had iOS 8.2 on their iOS devices. Even though testing the latest iOS 8.3 version goes on, Apple was eager enough to launch a public beta almost a week ago. With each new test release, new features are altering the existing ones as well as more is expected as time goes by. However, all additions in the iOS 8.3 are not obvious, even though it has been quite a while since the public beta release, only one such feature came to light to which we all ponder on.

iOS 8.3 Beta Lets You Make Speaker Phone Call On 'Hey Siri' Command

You may have noticed a strange fact if you have Siri activation via the 'Hey Siri' command when plugged in. The curious thing followed is the phone automatically choosing to put the call on a speakerphone which is something you will want while given the method you initiated Siri on the first hand. This however will be an important en route to use the iOS devices without handheld.

With all thanks to Apple's recent iOS 8.3 beta release, Siri can now dial a speakerphone phone call if it is told to do so, as can be seen in the screenshots below. Now, it is logical and pretty handy because it wasn't there on the first place. This is the reason why betas are released - to check on any illogical behavior in the operating system that might annoy the users.

Since Apple has not coined the release date of its new updated iOS, we still have no clue how many more betas would it require for a perfected launch. No matter how many they are, we will let your insights be satisfied with every new release. All we can speculate now is iOS 8.3 supports emoji, signing into Google account for two factor authentication and Carplay have been ehanced and improved. Comment your thoughts below regarding the iOS 8.3 beta.

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