Public Beta For iOS 8.3 Introduced By Apple, iOS 8.3 beta 3 Seeded To Developers

iOS 9 days are closing in and Apple is really looking forward to move mountains in the new version, at least what Apple thinks it will. Before the iOS 9 release, iOS 8 has been going through some serious changes as well. The previous week, Apple officially released its iOS 8.2 which had some major changes made to it along with bug fixes and improvements. Thursday was the day when Apple changes its Apple Seed Website name to Apple Beta Software program. Its not just the name change but Apple now includes iOS to the program which previously denoted OS X alone.

Apple has now introduced iOS 8.3 public beta which can be downloaded by registering through your Apple ID. If it interests you much, you can download the iOS 8.3 beta and accept the agreement affiliated with Apple's Beta Software Program Agreement in the signing process. So apart from the general news,there are certain measures you must consider before testing out the new iOS 8.3 public beta.

iOS 8.3 To Come With Apple Watch Application - Finally!

Apple strictly wants all users to back up their data before begin updating their iOS to the latest public release. You can do this by connecting your device to your computer and back up through iTunes. That wont be a problem i guess! The reason to save your data is due to the fact that you're upgrading to an iOS version that is not finished yet and on any point, a mishap ma arise which would erase all your data. Once you have backed up your data, visit '' and download the configuration profile and install it.

If you want to get a shipping iOS version back on your device, Apple has unveiled just that too. You will have to wait for the final version of the testing build until it appears in the Software Update under the settings tab. By any chance you change your mind to go back to the previous shipping build of your iOS, delete the beta firmware and install the current version again and restore data from iTunes.

iOS 8.3 beta
iOS 8.3 beta
iOS 8.3 beta
message iOS 8.3 beta

On the other hand, Apple also released the iOS 8.3 beta version to its developers for further testing. Some of the changes that might constitute the iOS 8.3 are alterations in the Messaging settings where Conversation List Filtering is now included. This states that you can divide your messages in a list under sent/from people on your contacts. Unknown messages can be reported and moved to junk messages if you desire. All the unnamed groups in your messages can now be named with members of that specific group instead just the Group. The major application addition to iOS 8.3 beta finally comes with an Apple Watch app which will support and enhance functionality. That's all there is to the iOS 8.3 beta for now. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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