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Apple’s September 9 Event in Your Time Zone & How to Watch it Live on Your Devices


Apple's highly anticipated "Hey Siri" event starts tomorrow at 10:00 am PDT or 1:00 pm ET. For the event, Apple has been putting the banners up at the Graham Bell Civic Auditorium that will host Apple's biggest event of its history. We are looking at a very long keynote, unveiling iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Pro, iPad mini 4, Apple TV 4, and more. If you are thinking about when does the event start in your time zone and how you can actually watch it live, follow the details below.

Apple's September 9 event in your time zone:

Apple is live streaming the event for the users of iOS and OS X devices along with Apple TV. However, for the first time, Apple is also streaming the event to those having Windows 10 on their machines who can use Microsoft Edge browser to watch the event live. If you don't fit in any of the above categories, don't worry as there is always a way to get the feed on your own device. Before we head to the instructions that would help you to watch the event on various types of platforms, here is a very helpful time zone chart. In this table, you can find out exactly when the iPhone event starts in your own time zone, so you never miss a minute of the event.

This table also mentions the day of the event along with the time, as in some regions it'd would be early Thursday morning. Asterisk (*) denotes the time adjusted for Daylight Saving / Summer.

Now that we know what time we have to get ourselves locked in a room for around three hours with a few shots of espresso and a donut (make it two, maybe?), here is how you can watch the event on your devices.

iOS and OS X: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac


  • iOS 7.0 or later
  • OS X 10.8.5 or later
  • Safari 6.0.5 or later

If you own an Apple device, it's pretty easy to watch the live streaming. Simply open Safari, enter the URL http://www.apple.com/live/ and you are good to go.

Watch 2015 iPhone event on Apple TV


  • Apple TV 3, Apple TV 2
  • Apple TV software 6.2 or later

Navigate to Apple Events channel and you will be able to watch the event live on your television. Don't get frazzled searching the channel as it would be visible on the day of the event.

How to watch the Hey Siri event on Windows 10

Similar to the Safari browser on OS X and iOS devices, you can now easily follow Apple's events using Microsoft Edge. Enter the same URL http://www.apple.com/live and ta da! Enjoy streaming the event on your Windows 10 PCs.

Android and Windows 8.1 or lower:

For users who haven't yet upgraded to Windows 10 and those wanting to watch the event on an Android device, here are the steps you would need to follow to live stream the event.

1- Download VLC media player for Windows from this link and for Android from here.

2- Launch the app on your device and navigate to Media tab.

3- Select Open Network Stream and enter the following URL:

  • http://p.events-delivery.apple.com.edgesuite.net/15pijbnaefvpoijbaefvpihb06/m3u8/atv_mvp.m3u8
  • OR http://www.apple.com/live/

4- Press Play.

You won't be able to test this as the URL may appear broken until the event has actually started. Refresh the stream once the event starts at 10:00 am PDT or whatever time it is in your own city.