iOS 8 Beta 4 Releasing on Monday, July 21 – Report


iOS 8 Beta 4 release date:

Earlier in the week, we saw a report mentioning that Apple could release the iOS 8 Beta 4 update on Monday, July 28th. However, it could be released a week ahead too, report had mentioned. Today comes a new report that is stating iOS 8 Beta 4 release date as July 21st, Monday. The date aligns with the regular Apple beta cycle where each new beta is seeded out in two or three weeks after the previous one.

iOS 8 Beta 4 release date report comes from BGR who have previously managed to successfully predict the date for a number of betas, while missing a few too. Albeit, we cannot take it a final world, it is highly likely that Apple will seed out the iOS 8's 4th beta iteration on the mentioned date, that comes on Monday next week.

Here is a pretty visual from Thinky Bits who have provided some easy visualization of Apple's typical release cycles of beta updates. It may not be a certain science with fixed number of days in between, the chart does help in looking the average breaks between two beta updates. iOS 8 Beta 4

iOS 8 Beta was released earlier in June followed by iOS 8 Beta 2 after 15 days. The third beta was seeded after three weeks, and the iOS 8 Beta 4 is expected to be released next week on Monday at 1300 Eastern time.

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