iPhone / iPad Home Button Not Working? Here is how to get a FREE Replacement!

While major and almost all of the things on iOS can be performed with the touchscreen, our iDevices are still a bit dependent on the physical hardware buttons. Crucial tasks of turning the device on / off, getting App switcher, etc are still only possible because of hardware keys of Home and Power. If you have managed to somehow ruin the Power and more importantly, Home button, you might be in some serious trouble. However, here is some free replacement. Yes, you heard it right. FREE REPLACEMENT!iOS 7 Home Button Jailbreak Tweak

if you have jailbroken your iDevice powered by iOS 7, then you can get a free iOS 7 Home button jailbreak tweak. This latest iOS 7 jailbreak tweak rescues you from any hardware buttons issue related to the Home button.

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iOS 7 Home button jailbreak tweak:

Availble on BigBoss repo on Cydia for free, SPTouch is an iOS 7 jailbreak tweak that will bring up a new icon-button on screen carrying all the tasks of the Home button found on the hardware of any iPhone or iPad. The icon is convenient to use as you can place it anywhere on the screen according to your screen real estate needs. iOS 7 Home Button Jailbreak Tweak

You can also customize the home button icon and make it unobtrusive according to your preference. Change the color, size and transparency to make it look as easy on the eye as you want it to be. Just go to the Settings app and then SPTouch to edit the button according to your requirements. iOS 7 Home Button Jailbreak Tweak

Coming to the functionality of this iOS 7 home button jailbreak tweak, well, using it is similar to using the actual Home button. Tap it to bring home screen, double-tap it to launch app switcher, etc.

So now when your Home button gets cranky, try to jailbreak your iDevice than spending money on getting a new Home button for your poor old iDevice.

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