Intel Xe-HPG Scavenger Hunt Gives A Hint At ARC Alchemist Graphics Card Prices – Premium Variant Around $700 US, Performance Variant Around $600 US


Intel might have given us a hint at their ARC Alchemist graphics card prices within the terms & conditions for its Xe-HPG Scavenger Hunt. As spotted by Tomshardware (via Videocardz), Intel listed down an approximate value of the top two bundles which will contain a premium and a performance ARC Alchemist graphics card variant.

Intel ARC Alchemist Graphics Card Prices Hinted In Xe-HPG Scavenger Hunt, Premium Variant Around $700 US & Performance Variant Around $500 US

Intel's first ARC Alchemist GPUs based on the 1st Gen Xe-HPG architecture are expected to arrive in Q1 2022. Intel is expected to unveil new details at their Innovation event next week & will follow up with an official unveiling at CES 2022. Intel still hasn't revealed if it is launching just mobility variants or desktop variants will be launching in Q1 of next year too but recent rumors state that the launch of the desktop graphics cards will slip into Q2 of 2022.

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The Intel Xe-HPG Scavenger Hunt terms and conditions lists down approximate prices of the ARC Alchemist graphics cards. (Image Credits: Intel)

With that said, let's talk about the price hints that Intel provided within its Xe-HPG scavenger hunt. The pricing is measured simply by subtracting the total prices of the rest of the merchandise which includes a 6 month Xbox Game Pass For PC ($60 Value) and ARC branded goodies (worth around $100-$150). Intel's ARC T-Shirt which was recently sent out to the press alone has a value of $54 US and there would be other merchandise in the package too. So let's assume that we are looking at a $150-$200 US value for the rest of the products. That leaves the price of the top 'Premium' part at around $700-$750 US.

The other variant, which is labeled as 'Performance' comes with a 3 months Xbox Games Pass for PC ($30 value) and a similar Merchandise package. This would set us back with a value of around $600 US for the graphics card. Now, these are at best, approximations, and shouldn't be taken as a final MSRP but at $600 US, the 'Performance' part is priced on par with the RTX 3070 Ti while the 'Premium' part is priced on par with the RTX 3080. If that's the case, then we are looking at slightly higher prices for Intel's 1st Gen discrete desktop graphics cards. The 'Premium' variant is definitely the top DG2-512 EU variant while the 'Performance' part could be the cut-down DG2-384 EU GPU. You can read more details on the three ARC Alchemist GPU SKUs here.

Intel Xe-HPG Based Discrete Alchemist GPU Configurations:

GPU VariantGraphics Card VariantGPU DieExecution UnitsShading Units (Cores)Memory CapacityMemory BusTGP
Xe-HPG 512EUARC A780?Alchemist-512EU512 EUs409616/8 GB GDDR6256-bit225-275W?
Xe-HPG 384EUARC A750?Alchemist-512EU384 EUs307212/6 GB GDDR6192-bit225-275W?
Xe-HPG 256EUARC A580?Alchemist-512EU256 EUs20488/4 GB GDDR6128-bit150-200W?
Xe-HPG 192EUARC A550?Alchemist-512EU192 EUs15364 GB GDDR6128-bit150-200W?
Xe-HPG 128EUARC A380?Alchemist-128EU128 EUs10248/6/4 GB GDDR696/64-bit50-75W?
Xe-HPG 96EUARC A350?Alchemist-128EU86 EUs7688/6/4 GB GDDR696/64-bit50-75W?
What do you want to see in Intel's ARC Alchemist Gaming graphics card lineup?

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