Intel Sandy Bridge-E Processors Launching On November 15th


Fresh news has come out that Intel's new high performance Sandy Bridge-E processors are launching in November of this year, particularly November 15th 2011 with two high end 6 core CPU's and two X79 based motherboards.

The news comes amid the time when AMD is struggling to launch it's FX series processors into the market and compete with the first generation of Sandy Bridge alone, but the opposite is happening from the guys at Intel: Pushing the Sandy Bridge-E launch to the nearest date they can hit retailers worldwide as quickly as possible.

Earlier, there had been news of the X79 chipset for the LGA2011 based chips to be delayed to 2012, further delaying the launch of the whole Sandy Bridge-E (E stands for enthusiast) processor line to a speculated date between the first half of 2012. Before that, the release had been slated for December.

The new high end desktop or more like workstation platform X79 based motherboards would be most likely available from major PC hardware manufacturers by the time of it's launch along with Intel's two high end 6 core CPU's particularly the Core i7 3960X Extreme Edition and the Core i7 3930K unlocked processor. Both processors are 6 core chips but the 'K' variant consisting of less cache than it's bigger Extreme Edition brother.

Intel's own two motherboards that will be available would consist of the DX79SI, and the DX79TO.

DonanimHaber has unveiled that the official roadmap says the launch date to be 46-47th week of the year that rounds up to their 15th November projection date.

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