Intel Westmere-EP Xeon (12C/24T) Processors tested on EVGA SR-2 Motherboard, Sandy Bridge-EP C0 Revision Leaked too


Coolaler Forums have posted benchmarks of Intel's Westmere-EP Xeon Processors which were demonstrated on EVGA's SR-2 Motherboard which is equipped with Dual LGA1366 Sockets. The CPU's tested include Xeon X5670, Xeon X5640 and Xeon E5630.

The Xeon X5670 is Stock Clocked at 2.93 Ghz, 12MB L3 Cache and Features 6 Cores/ 12 Threads and a 95W TDP. Two of the same models were equipped on the SR-2 Motherboard which resulted in a Core Count of 12 and 24 Threads, The Processors were also overclocked to 4Ghz @ 1.341V (200 x 20.0). Following are the benchmark results:

CINEBENCH R11.5:  19.75 Points (Multi Threaded Performance)

WPrime 32M: 2.641 Sec

WPrime 1024M: 64.5 Sec

A score equivalent of 20 Points in CineBench is terrific for this chips. Another member demonstrated the other two chips Xeon X5640 and Xeon X 5630 stability but didn't provide any benchmark results.

First were two X5640 chips, The CPU-z shows it was an Engineering Sample which runs at stock 2.27Ghz, Featuring 6 Cores 12 Thread and a 80W TDP. The Chips were overclocked beyond 4.3Ghz and stability was tested by running Linux and a Folding Client for a few hours.

The E5630 on the other hand or E5649 Reported by CPU-z is a 2.53 Ghz Stock clocked chip featuring same specifications as X5640 and was overclocked to 4Ghz Stable.

In other news, Renowned engineering sample leaker JCornell posted a Screenshot over at Coolaler Forums showing the C0 Revision of Intel's Upcoming Sandy Bridge-EP Xeon Based Processor which runs at a stock clock of 2.20Ghz featuring 20MB's of L3 Cache featuring 8 Cores and 16 Threads with a TDP of 80W. Do check the pic below along with other cool news on Intel's Sandy Bridge-E /EP Processors:

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