Intel Sandy Bridge-E Processors to ship without Stock CPU Cooler


VR-Zone has got some exclusive details on Intel's Upcoming Sandy Bridge-E Processors. According to them, Intel's upcoming Sandy Bridge-E processors would ship without the Stock Intel CPU cooler.

The High End Enthusiast platform "Sandy bridge-E" wont come with any Cooler at all, Not even the new Heatpipe cooler which came with early LGA1366 Extreme Edition Processors. Smart move by Intel considering that almost 90% of Enthusiasts who buy these High End CPU's will ever use a stock CPU cooler, Instead they'll aim for some Third Party or Liquid Cooling Solutions.

Liquid Cooling seems like the best solution for these upcoming Enthusiast chips as these Chips come at a rated TDP of 130W but rumors suggest that the TDP could go above 180W which is without overclocking (Stock Clocks). Intel is also suggesting PSU manufacturers to make sure that their products running the new Processors can cope with 23A on the 12V2 rail with an Efficiency Rating of 80+.

A news about Intel considering to Ship Liquid coolers with its Sandy Bridge-E CPU's was also hovering a few days ago, Looks like Intel scrapped off that idea and let consumers decide how to Cool down these hot monsters. AMD is also considering to hop on the Liquid Cooling bandwagon as latest reports from Xbit Labs suggest that they might ship Liquid coolers with their AMD Bulldozer FX-8000 Series CPU's. More on that here.

Last of all, Intel has Delayed its Sandy Bridge-E Core i7 "3820" Quad Core CPU, The CPU featuring a locked Multiplier would now be released after the launch of higher end 3930K and 3960X Processors. More info on Sandy Bridge-E Below:

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