Intel Launches first batch of Ivy Bridge Core i3 Mobile Processors

Intel this week launched its first Core i3 Dual Core processors based on the 3rd Generation Ivy bridge architecture for the mobile segment. Two processors which include the mainstream Core i3-3110M and ULV (Ultra Low Voltage)  Core i3-3217U have been released.

Each CPU features dual core designs supporting 3MB L3 Cache, Dual Channel memory controller, DMI 2.0 interface and the latest HD4000 IGP. Both processors come with four threads which enables support for Hyper-Threading.

The Core i3-3110M is clocked at 2.4GHz and comes with a rated TDP of 35W. The chip would be aimed towards conventional laptops, Turbo Boost support is trimmed out. Pricing is suggested at $225.

The ULV Core i3-3217U is a 17W CPU which is clocked at 1.8GHz (No Turbo Boost), Aimed towards the Ultrabooks and notebooks. Pricing of the CPU is also set at $225.

Both processors are readily available as per conformation by Taiwan sources in BGA packages. Desktop Core i3 Ivy Bridge processors are also expected to hit retail in the upcoming weeks.

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