Intel HEDT Haswell-E ‘Core i7-5820K’ to be 20% More Expensive, Core i7-5930K and Core i7-5960X Will Remain the Same

So we just got word from the Chinese about Intel's HEDT Haswell-E Platform and the supporting X99 Chipset. Basically the Haswell-E based Core i7-5820K will be around 20% more expensive than its predecessor (as the heading would have told you no doubt).

Intel Haswell-E Core i7-5820K to be ~20% More Expensive than its Predecessor - No Change for the other 2 SKUs

The X99 'Wellsburg' Chipset Motherboards were shown at Computex, although not in too much detail. Similarly very little was officially revealed about the Haswell-E HEDT Platform and Intel is expected to reveal some info soon. However thanks to leaks we now know nearly all there is to know about the High End platform and the LGA 2011-3 Based Motherboards. We have also learned details of the pricing of Haswell-E. Basically the Core i7-5960X and Core i7-5930K will be priced about the same as their Ivy Bridge-E counterparts. However the last one, and coincidentally at the lower end of the spectrum, the Core i7-5820K will be around 20% more expensive than the Core i7-4820K. That is primarily because of two reasons, 1) Intel does not want the i7-5820K to affect the Ivy Bridge-E markets 2) The Haswell-E part is a Hexa Core while the Core i7-4820K is a Quad Core.

Intel X99 Chipsets will come out sometime in September and offer DDR4 among other thins. They will be priced relatively higher than what the average consumer is willing to dish out for a motherboard but thats the price you have to pay be at the very high end. Ofcourse the complimentary chips will only be 3 namely the Haswell-E platform, atleast untill Broadwell-E arrives which we have reason to believe will be supported on the same Wellsburg chipset. This means support for 3 More SKUs which would be Broadwell-E on the 14nm Node, namely the Core i7-6960X, i7-6930K and i7-6820K which will probably scale up to either 8 or 10 cores with 2400Mhz DDR4 Memory.

Model Intel Core i7-5960X Intel Core i7-5930K Intel Core i7-5820K Intel Core i7-4960X
Platform Haswell-E Haswell-E Haswell-E Ivy Bridge-E
Process 22nm 22nm 22nm 22nm
Cores/Threads 8/16 6/12 6/12 6/12
Cache 20 MB L3 15 MB L3 15 MB L3 15 MB L3
Core Clock 3.0/3.3 GHz 3.5/3.9-4.0 GHz 3.3/3.6-3.8 GHz 3.6/4.0 GHz
Socket LGA 2011-3 LGA 2011-3 LGA 2011-3 LGA 2011
TDP 140W 140W 140W 130W
Memory DDR4-2133 MHz DDR4-2133 MHz DDR4-2133 MHz DDR3-1600 MHz
Chipset X99 X99 X99 X79

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