Intel Discontinues Five Haswell Chipsets Except Z87


Intel has announced on March 30th, 2020, that they are discontinuing the Q87, C226, H81, QM87, and the HM86 chipsets. These chipsets are most commonly associated with Intel's Haswell processors on socket LGA 1150, these chipsets have initially been announced in 2013 and are based on Intel's outdated 32 nm lithography.

Intel has announced that it is discontinuing the Q87, C226, H81, QM87, and the HM86 chipsets, and manufacturers have until March 31st, 2021, to make any orders for these select chipsets

These chipsets have been outdated for some time now, but that is because these chipsets were created/designed with Intel's 4th generation processors in mind. These chipsets were created as a budget-orientated variation of the Z87 chipset, which means that the H81 chipset lacked some features like overclocking support. The H81 chipset is designed to be a desktop chipset while the QM87 and HM86 are chipsets designed to work in the mobile segment.

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Source: Intel

The Q87 chipset was more often used in more business-orientated computers and motherboards, while the C226 chipset was designed to be used in servers and workstations. Although the C226 chipset was a rarity when compared to the other discontinued chipsets.

Intel in the product discontinuation announcement did state that while product discontinuation support would start on March 30th, Intel partners would be able to order these products until March 31st, 2021. The last shipment of these chipsets would be sent out to Intel partners on September 30th, 2021, while order not canceled before March 31st would not be able to be canceled. This means that for any large scale order that needs to be ordered, companies can make that order before March 31st, 2021, but would be locked into getting that order, with no way to cancel or upgrade the order.

While Intel had announced the resurrection of the Haswell based Pentium G3420 process, which was due to customer demand, Intel is still discontinuing some of the Haswell technology. This may come as a loss to a few manufactures that still release/create products for Haswell technology.

Intel is advising partners/customers looking for low-cost, long term chipsets to look at chipsets like the H310, which is designed as Intel's Coffee Lake CPUs.