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Intel’s Coffee Lake CPUs Outselling AMD Ryzen CPUs, Latest Report Reveals – Core i7-8700K Popular Among Gamers


It looks like Intel chips have started to become more popular compared to those from AMD among the masses as revealed in the latest CPU sales statistics shared by Mindfactory.de. We are talking about sales from the largest online retailer in Germany which reveal that Intel CPUs have started outselling AMD Ryzen processors which had mostly dominated the German markets since their arrival last year.

Intel Processors Outselling AMD's In The Latest CPU Sales Results From Germany's Largest Online Retailer

When AMD launched Ryzen processors, Intel had a dominant position with more than 64.4% share in monthly revenue compared to AMD's 35.6%. That started to change in mid 2017 when AMD, for the first time, overtook Intel CPUs in terms of sales and revenue on Germany's largest online retailer. That success was due to several reasons, AMD had a highly competitive processor lineup after many years and a platform that was priced in the sweet spot range. Furthermore, AMD offered more cores whereas Intel had their flagship Core i7-7700K at just 4 cores and 8 threads. AMD's flagship was more than twice that in terms of cores and thread count, further enticing the deal was the fact that AMD's platform is meant for long term CPU line support whereas Intel's 200-series platform ended support for any modern chip.

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Till November of 2017, AMD enjoyed a good dominant position, but in December 2017 January 2018, the tide shifted back to Intel. With Coffee Lake availability getting better, Intel started leading the charts once again with the Core i7-8700K becoming the most popular chip among the masses. Intel now stands at 58% CPU sold per month share while AMD's CPU managed to fall around 42%.

The monthly revenue from Intel chips has also gained big numbers thanks to the flagship Core i7-8700K amounting for bulk of the sales while AMD's revenue share has fallen in this regard since considering that their most popular chip, the Ryzen 5 1600 is part of the budget segment. The Ryzen 7 series aren't very popular among consumers as compared to the Ryzen 5 line whereas Intel's Coffee Lake unlocked lineup are highly popular.

Is the Ryzen Effect Over or is Coffee Lake Just Too Good For Gamers?

Intel may be seen coming back to their dominant position again thanks to Coffee Lake. There are several reasons why that is so. Intel's Coffee Lake CPUs perform exceptionally well in games and the addition of more cores and decent prices on the 8000 series processors has made many users  upgrade their older Intel PCs. There were a majority of users who skipped Kaby Lake since the yearly quad core upgrade didn't make much point at all. However, Coffee Lake did change things here.

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However, for AMD users, this is nothing to worry about. AMD has enjoyed months of processor sales and the reason why they are diminishing now is that there are users who are currently waiting for the next great thing from AMD. And that's the Zen+ based Ryzen 2000 series desktop processors which will launch alongside the X470 AM4 motherboards. Furthermore, those users who are currently running a AM4 platform can simply upgrade to a new chip without having to replace the entire platform. Once the new chips launch, AMD sales will rebound and take over Intel's once again if priced right and perform just as great as the previous Ryzen launch from AMD.

Other interesting stats to note from the CPU market in Germany are the CPU family segmentation. On Intel's front, more users are purchasing Coffee Lake chips compared to their HEDT Skylake-X family. While Skylake-X family retains a premium position, the high-price and extra cores don't offer much to gamers. On the AMD side of things, we see Ryzen Threadripper platform actually gain slightly more interest compared to the previous months. Compared to the Skylake-X family, the AMD Threadripper platform is indeed expensive, but does many things right in the form of providing more cores at much lower cost compared to Intel's and a platform that is robust with lots of functionality on board.