Intel Core i9 12900K ES Benchmarks Leaked: ST Score 25% Higher Than 5950X, Overall MT Score 11% Lower

Cinebench R23 benchmarks of Intel's upcoming Intel Core i9 12900K Alder Lake CPUs have leaked out. Before we go any further, however, I would point out that these are engineering samples (ES) and might not be fully indicative of final retail sample performance. In the benchmarks, which come from Yuuki_Ans (via HXL), Intel's 8 performance and 8 efficient cores, beat out AMD's Ryzen 5950X in single-threaded score and *almost* match it in overall multithreaded score.

Intel's Alder Lake P-core is 25% faster than AMD's 5950X Zen 3 core but loses in multithreaded performance

I can't help but wonder what a 16 p-core configuration from Intel would have looked like - and something that would have been extremely welcome by the community. Intel is no longer working with a massive process disadvantage (Alder Lake is on Intel 7) and the massive IPC gain over AMD cores is an impressive achievement considering the lackluster performance we have seen over the past few years. It very much looks like Intel is slowly coming back into form and competition is coming back to the x86 industry (while the Apple M1 Max looks on, hungry for a piece of the pie).

First of all we have the CPUZ screenshot which verified that the Intel 12900K is an ES sample. But of course, you did not come here for the CPUz screenshot, you came here for the benchmarks and without any further ado, here they are, starting with Cinebench R23:

The Intel 12900k improves single-threaded score by 13% over the Intel 11900k and 25% over the AMD R9 5950X. While the Intel 11900k lost handily to the R9 5950X from AMD at 16617 points, the 12900K is able to almost completely match it for multi-threaded performance with 27461 points. For context, the AMD R9 5950X scores 28963 points.

Up next we have a CPU-Z performance comparison with the Intel scoring a similar 24% uplift over AMD for single-threaded performance and 16% over Intel 11900k. Just like in Cinebench R23, Intel loses out in multithreaded performance to AMD's 16 high-performance cores - but just barely. These benchmarks are also foreshadowing an incredibly powerful Raptor Lake lineup (which will feature an 8+16 setup).

Intel’s Alder Lake will be built using the company’s new E and P cores, you can read the architectural deep dive over here, and represent a significant evolution in the company’s power efficiency targets. It will be built on the Intel 7 process and scale from 9 watts to 125 watts. DDR5 and PCIe gen5 will be supported (first to market) and feature new technologies like the Intel Thread Director. All leaks point to a launch in early November.

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