Intel Broadwell Processors Delayed Again – ‘H’ Variants (Desktop Processors) will Now be Landing in July 2015

Usman Pirzada

So we just received an update on the status of Broadwell processors via the reliable Chinese VR Zone. This particular architecture of Intel has met with delay after delay, resulting in a constantly updated Intel roadmap. Well the same has just been given a new revision. Broadwell processors who should begin volume production sometime this month have been delayed a bit further.Intel Broadwell and Haswell Refresh Platform

Intel Broadwell Architecture Roadmap - Mobile Processors Arriving by Year End; Broadwell-K, a Full Year Later in Q3 2015

Intel is receiving criticism from critics as well who claim that the delay is of an artificial nature. The reason being of course that with the information publicly available, there is no discernible cause for any delay. Just yesterday we learned the details of the Broadwell Core M processors which will be featured in slim tablets and some All -in-Ones. These were formerly 'Y' 2+2 processors which are now being called 'Core M'. These are expected to debut by the end of September this year. Intel is expected a new refresh of these processors by the end of this year and the exact date is stated to be sometime around New Years Day. It is somewhat surprising to me that Intel is releasing a new revision (Stepping Version F.) so soon after the initial batch.

Note that Intel's nomenclature is defined as Core + Graphic Tech. So a 2+2 configuration means that a processors will have 2 physical cores and GT2 graphics. Keeping that in mind the U series 2+2, 2+1(Pentium/Celeron) and 2+3 processors will debut by the end of this year or very early 2015. Although for the 2+3 processors you will have to wait by February 2015.

Now lets come to the unlocked desktop variants (Broadwell-K) which will be included in the H series. I know the desktop variants are present in the H series because Intel lists these as dual-chip processors aka LGA packaging and Desktop (a dual chip processors requires the chipset to be located separately off-die). Now these processors will come in 3 combinations. These are 4+3e, 4+2, 2+3e and 4+3e combinations. No, that's not a mistake, one combination is deliberately repeated. One of the 4+3e combination is LGA packaged and therefore desktop, the other three are all BGA. For the nomenclature averse, these are 4 Cores and GT3e graphics, 4 Cores and GT2 graphics and 2 Cores and GT3e graphics respectively. Now here is the shocker. These are coming in July, next year. The delay is of approximately 2 months since we were expecting these Broadwell-K SKUs in Q2 2015. Oh and by the way Intel is launching new models of Haswell mobile in the Fourth Quarter this year. Summarizing:

  • Y Series (BGA) 2+2 (Intel Core M) arriving by the end of September 2014. Stepping F to debut by year end.
  • U Series (BGA) 2+1 and 2+2 arriving by year end. 2+3 arriving February 2015.
  • H Series (BGA) 4+3e, 4+2, 2+3e arriving (estimated) June 2015.
  • H Series (LGA) Desktop Quad Core Processor with GT3e graphics (4+3e) arriving June 2015.
  • Haswell Mobile Refresh arriving by Q4 2014. Core i7-4980HQ, Core i7-4870HQ, Core i7-4770HQ, Core i5-4210H, respectively, to replace the existing 4960HQ, 4860HQ, 4760HQ, 4200H .

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