ASUS lists motherboards supporting ‘5th Generation’ Intel Processors – Broadwell coming to Desktop afterall?

You might remember the recent rumor that Intel was discussing canning BDW-K completely. Well we have an update (updated rumor? is that even a thing?) of sorts on that front. The tech publication claims that it has confirmed the release of BDW-S and even BDW-K in a few weeks. Needless to say I would be extremely skeptical of any such claims and the only reason I am even publishing this is keeping in mind our reader's right to know.

Intel Skylake-S Broadwell-K Broadwell-E 2015-2016 Roadmap                              A leaked roadmap showing BDW-K but no BDW-S in Q2 2015. @Intel (technically)

BDW might not be canned, Intel could decide to release - state rumors

The publication's main proof of concept (that is given) is the fact that ASUS has listed support of 5th generation processors on the main spec sheets of various Z97 motherboards. However, before anyone gets excited, allow me to jog our memories and quote our very own review of z97 motherboards - all of which listed support for 5th generation processors. So the specification of 5th generation support has been there for a very long time. While I can't conclusively dismiss the spec sheet, I can however safely say that if you are to take anything, the word of the publication holds more wight (if any) than the spec sheet itself.

It further unsettles me that they actually mention Broadwell-S too, something which hasn't been on the roadmap for quite some time now. It would make no sense for Intel to introduce a locked multiplier architecture with the Skylake release happening in August. Which is something that has been more or less confirmed. If BDW-S does come so soon, does that mean that BDW-K will appear soon too? Hard to say. In a hypothetical situation where BDW-S actually releases, then apart from the fact that I would be very surprised, it would mean that the launch of Skylake-S might be delayed a bit further, to allow Intel to reap returns on the newly launched architecture.

It would also mean Intel is taking on liability to support an architecture that is out of time and out of place (arguably) at the same time, something that makes me uncomfortable. My personal opinion on the matter is straightforward. BDW-S is almost certainly not coming and BDW-K might not come either. However, since that is my opinion and not proven fact, we will let time decide for us.

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