Intel Broadwell Will Be Launching with Unlocked Processors – Coming Second Quarter of 2015

VR Zone published a roadmap recently which though doesn't reveal nothing we don't already know about Skylake, does reveal the launch date of the Broadwell Unlocked or 'K' Series processors. Interestingly however we see no mention of the unlocked counterparts. The Unlocked Broadwell processors are launching in 2Q15 (second quarter of 2015) and will probably get a simultaneous release with Skylake.


Intel's 14nm Broadwell 'K' Series Launching Q2 2015 Alongside Skylake-S Locked Processors

The above roadmap shows that Broadwell will be launching with unlocked processors while as Skylake S (Desktop Variant) will be launching with the typical locked processors. This is a very interesting turn of events and as has been pointed out in the past, the ease with which Broadwell has slotted into Intel's schedule is surprisingly efficient. The previous roadmap showed the locked Broadwell processors launching sometime in Q1 2015 but now they have vanished without a trace, which means that Intel is planning to launch directly with unlocked processors (k-series). Since Skylake-S would be launching with locked processors common sense would dictate that both of them are getting a simultaneous release or at least a launch close to each other.

Now I am not really sure what happened to the locked Broadwell processors but because Skylake-S is releasing on top of the same, I doubt we will be seeing them apart from OEMs maybe. It just wouldn't make sense to have Skylake-S locked SKUs on the market alongside Broadwell locked SKUs. Skylake-S will ship in 3 variants, namely one dual core (physical) and two quad cores variants. One of the quad cores will house 64MB of eDRAM and GT4e graphics. We should see some IPC and clock for clock gains on the Skylake-S processors especially considering they are a new micro architecture on the 14nm node. The HEDT Spectrum of Intel's processors will still be occupied by Haswell-E by this time. So summarizing:

  • Braodwell will be launching in Q2 2015 with unlocked processors.
  • Skylake will be launching in Q2 2015, most probably alongside Braodwell.
  • Skylakey-S will be launching will locked processors.

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