Intel Broadwell Compatible With 9-Series Based Z97 and H97 Chipsets – Brings New SATA Express 10 GB/s

Intel has yet to launch their latest Haswell microarchitecture based processors and details of their next gen Broadwell platform have already started to emerge. Intel Broadwell which is the codename for Intel's 5th generation microarchitecture is planned for launch in Q2 2014, a complete year after Haswell's launch in Q2 current year.

Intel Broadwell to Get 9-Series Based Z97 and H97 Chipsets

The details have been leaked by VR-Zone which details Intel Broadwell 9-Series chipset codenamed. Haswell would currently use the 8-Series Lynx Point chipset which brings nothing new on the table over Ivy Bridge CPUs, compared to them Intel Broadwell Z97 for high-end enthusiasts and H97 for mainstream consumers would bring with them the latest SATA Express support which would bring industry leading I/O storage performance with transfer speeds rated upto 10 - 16 GB/s. Current motherboards come with SATA III transfer ports which deliver only 6 GB/s ports so we would essentially be looking at faster transfer speeds and additionally blistering fast 10 GB/s SSD solutions since the upcoming motherboards would be able to fully support them.

"SATA Express is a new specification under development by SATA-IO that combines SATA software infrastructure with the PCI Express® (PCIe®) interface to deliver high-speed storage solutions. SATA express enables the development of new devices that utilize the PCIe interface and maintain compatibility with existing SATA applications. The technology will provide a cost-effective means to increase device interface speeds to 8Gb/s and 16Gb/s."

The Z97 and H97 chipset would also feature support for Intel device protection with boot guard to protect PCs from malware attacks and new Intel Smart response and Rapid start technologies with Dynamic Cache sharing.

Intel Broadwell would remain compatible with LGA 1150 socket so they would somehow be backwards compatible with Lynx Point chipset however to avail the new added features of the 9-Series chipset, users would have to switch to the latest motherboard solutions. Also to note is that Intel themselves won't be manufacturing any new motherboards themselves, only the chipsets would be prepared by themselves and handed out to their board partners which would deliver their own boards. Intel already confirmed that they are exiting the boards market and Haswell 8-Series lineup would be their last. Its a bit saddening since their upcoming DZ87KLT-75K "Kinsely Thunderbolt" motherboard unveiled at IDF 2013 looks quiet impressive then the Z87 solutions we have seen from other board makers during CeBIT 2013.

Nevertheless, Intel Broadwell would launch for multiple platforms in Q2 2014. It would further push the GPU performance over Haswell's already powerful GT3e graphics with onboard memory.

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