Intel Broadwell to Push GPU Performance by 40% Over Haswell

Intel Broadwell would be the successor to Haswell which arrives the second quarter of 2013. Reports from a week ago suggest that Haswell would be the last CPU shipped with the LGA package, Intel Broadwell and CPUs onwards such as Skylake which are based on the 14nm architecture would use the BGA packaging which would mean that the CPU would be permanently soldered to the mainboard leaving the users with no choice to upgrade

Desktop users would take a hit with this move by Intel as users would have to switch to the HEDT LGA 2011 platform if they wish to continue upgrading/overclocking as per their needs. The LGA 2011 platform would remain, being updated with Ivy Bridge-E in 2013 and Haswell-EX in 2014.

Intel Broadwell - 40% GPU Performance Over Haswell

Coming back to the details, it has been claimed that Intel Broadwell would pump up the  GPU performance of by 40% over Haswell which itself has a powerful GPU side. Intel Broadwell GPU would also bring in new and improved instruction set. On the CPU side, we would be noticing minor improvements as Broadwell is a 14nm die shrink of Haswell but performance per watt would be noticeable. Intel Broadwell would be supported by the Intel 9-Series chipset which brings nothing new except a different codename compared to 8-Series Lynx Point for Haswell which we have already detailed here.

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