Intel Haswell Chips For High Performance Notebooks Spotted With GT3 iGPU and On-Package eDRAM

Image courtesy of VR-Zone!

At IDF 2013, VR-Zone managed to spot an upcoming Intel Haswell chip built for high-performance notebooks. As known earlier, the Intel Haswell chips that ship with high performance notebooks come with a GT3 GPU which is the flagship Intel HD graphics chip along with an on-package eDRAM module.

Intel Haswell GT3e GPU has Crystalwell eDRAM Package Onboard

As you can note from the picture, the chip is soldered "BGA" to a motherboard right next to the Lynx point 8-Series PCH. The Intel Haswell chip has quite some room dedicated to the onboard eDRAM package which is indeed lager than the Ivy Bridge "BGA" chip we saw back on the NUC system from Intel. The L4 cache memory codenamed 'Crystalwell' would significantly boost the iGPU performance on Haswell equipped Notebooks by delivering increased bandwidth to the iGPU. Haswell GT3e DRAM die shot The GT3e GPU which is codenamed 'HD 5200' would not be limited to High performance notebooks only. The HD 5200 GT3e chips are also expected to arrive in the desktop Haswell R-Series chips which would ship in BGA packages. So its safe to assume that these chips with Crystalwell eDRAM onboard packages would end up as part of upcoming Intel Haswell based NUC and All in One solutions. For mobile, only two Haswell chips would feature the GT3e GPU which include:

  • Core i7-4950HQ (5200, GT3)
  • Core i7-4850HQ (5200, GT3)

Intel Haswell

Other mobile variants come with either GT3 (40 Execution units) minus the eDRAM package and GT2 (20 Execution Units). Desktop LGA 1150 parts would be limited to GT2 chips however the R-Series as mentioned above would arrive with GT3e "HD 5200" solutions.The lineup would include (Full details here):

Model Cores / Threads CPU clock TurboBoost L3 cache          Graphics TDP
Core i7-4770R 4/8 3.2 GHz 3.9 GHz 6 MB HD 5200 GT3 (1300MHz) 65W
Core i7-4670R 4/4 3.0 GHz 3.7 GHz 4 MB HD 5200 GT3 (1300 MHz) 65W
Core i5-4570R 4/4 2.7 GHz 3.2 GHz 4 MB HD 5200 GT3 (1150 MHz) 65W

Intel Haswell would debut in June 2013. Intel presented alot of details at the IDF 2013 note which would be detailing soon!

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