Install WhatsApp on Desktop Using Continuity-Like Feature – Windows & OS X

Considering the immense popularity of WhatsApp, there are many users who want to be able to use the messaging app on bigger screens of tablets and desktops. While it is possible to get the app on tablets, you will have to workaround to get the app on Windows PC or Macs.

install WhatsApp on desktop

Install WhatsApp on desktop:

If you want to install WhatsApp on desktop, don't expect any official way. One of the ways to install WhatsApp on desktop is to use a third party app like AirDroid which lets you transfer files and access data from mobile devices. The latest version of the app called AirDroid 3 includes a new look and native support for Mac and Windows desktops bringing in better notification handling and remote device control.

AirDroid is solution for Android users who are perhaps envying the Continuity feature Apple started offering this year. By having this app on your Android phone or tablet and connecting with your Windows or OS X computer, you can only use WhatsApp on your bigger devices but also have complete remote access. Using the AirMirror feature of the app, you can control your device completely right from your desktop. Use the camera, play with files, use map, access photos, take screenshots, or any other such tasks, it is now possible to have complete remote access of your Android devices through desktops.

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