AirDroid Helps You Remotely Manage Your Android!

Rafia Shaikh

There are certain times when we desperately want to have a tool to remotely access and manage our smartphones. I for one, get pretty annoyed with dealing my smartphone when I am working on something on my laptop and have to actually get up to reach to my phone. For people like us with a lot of multitasking needs, apps like AirDroid are like a whiff of pastry getting baked - comfort and peace.

Android smartphones do much more for us than just being the communication medium. Files, apps, contacts, and yes communication too, we have to use our smartphones for every other thing. To get more productivity out of our gadgets, need of remote managing apps becomes a necessity. This post's aim is to help you learn how you can remotely manage your Android from a web browser of your machine using AirDroid app. The best thing about this app is that it is compatible with all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) and operating systems (Windows, Mac OSx, Linux).

The process of installing and setting up AirDroid will let you through all the basic requirements and sign-ups - note mandatory. After setting up AirDroid, you can enjoy the following functions of your Android device remotely using a web browser:

  • Manage SMS messages - type, send, read and search through your text messages.airdroid messages
  • Manage contacts - click on the Contacts button on AirDroid to manage your contacts. Managing contact groups, adding / editing contacts, and other basic stuff can be handled remotely.
  • Calls -  when someone calls, you can reject or send message to the caller. Sadly, you cannot attend the calls, yet.airdroid call
  • You can also manage call logs and set / edit / upload ringtones.
  • Manage photos, videos, files and folders.
  • Other features include finding your phone, using camera remotely, taking screenshots and more!

You can actually get even more features when you subscribe to the premium service. AirDroid's premium subscription comes at US$1.99 / month, and US$19.99 / year and enables you to these privileges:remotely manage your android

  • 1 GB monthly transfer quota
  • 100 MB large-file transfer limit in Remote Connection Mode
  • Camera and Call features while in Remote Connection Modeairdroid camera
  • Find Phone feature’s Intruder Mode
  • Ad-free!
  • Priority support and access to new features as they come

Remotely manage your Android with AirDroid but don't forget to update us with your valuable feedback!

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