Install OS X 10.11 El Capitan Public Beta – How To

Keeping its promise for a July release, Apple has made OS X 10.11 El Capitan and iOS 9 public beta available. Introducing an ample amount of functionality improvements, enhancements and familiar applications along with new ones, Apple has given a sense of direction to both of its operating systems. However, today we are going to show you how you can install the latest OS X 10.11 El Capitan .

If you want to install the public beta for OS X El Capitan, you will need to sign in as a beta tester. Once you are recognized as a public beta member and signed in, the rest of the process is not as challenging. You will have to receive an email as a confirmation to the beta program with a link which will redirect you to the next step. More on this later, lets get to work.

Install OS X 10.11 El Capitan With These Simple Steps

Overall, OS X 10.11 El Capitan features performance improvements, better Spotlight Search and an improved Multi-Window management control. The Notes app which we're all familiar of has been revamped with many new functions integrated within. In the graphics department, the Metal Graphics technology has been introduced which will change an overall feel of how you see and work with the interface. Plus there are other improvements in Safari like Tab Mute and Pinned Sites for easy access. Lets begin!

Step 1:

Once you sign into your beta program, you will receive an email and within that email there will be a link citing ''Go To Apple Beta Software Program'' or go to Apple Beta Program and sign in. This is where you will download the OS X 10.11.


Step 2:

Sign in with your Apple details in the beta home page before you go to the download page. When you have successfully signed in, choose OS X from the two tabs on the page.

Step 3:

Download the public beta for OS X El Capitan. Do take note to have a minimum space of 8 GB before proceeding. Copy the redemption code for later use located under the download button.

Step 4:

This is where you write the redemption code for the download to begin. The code is entered automatically but in case it hasn't, do it manually. Once you do so, your download will begin. Download status can be checked from the launch pad or inside the Mac App Store.

Step 5:

When download is complete you will be asked to install OS X El Capitan. Start the installation by tapping Continue. Select disk location for OS X El Capitan to be installed. The install process would last for an hour depending upon your system specs.

Once OS X beta has finished being installed, restart your system. Your system would wake up in to OS X El Capitan. That's to it folks. Remember to save your work before you restart your system and always have a backup of your data via iTunes. This will save your data from being lost in case of any technical malfunctioning. For any issue that you might experience, the Feedback Assistant is installed. Make use of it. That's it for now folks. Let us know down below for any queries.

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