iOS 9’s Big Leap – An All-Round Improvement

The most difficult time for us software folks is the interval between an announcement and release. Its been a little while when Apple announced its forthcoming iOS 9 which is to be released in September and will be available for free. As plain as it seems, visually there are not an ample of differences between iOS 9 and the current iOS version. However, don't let the interface fool you, there's a lot going on under that familiar feel. It's Apple's high-class software surgeons who have added a lot of effort intended for a much more stable, smarter and faster iOS.

The iOS 9's big leap extends from enhanced functionality to visual fluidity and its availability to a wide array of previous gen devices like the iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad Mini, iPod 5th generation and all the later models of the following devices. So each year, Apple plans to make its oldest generation device redundant, but this year there is nothing like that. iOS 9's big leap features an overall development in iOS intended for a more futuristic approach. Hence, we will let you know about some of the aspects that makes it an OS of the future.

The Future Of iOS - What We Know

If you seek to toy with iOS 9, you can download the beta version from HERE. Do note down that since the OS is in the beta phase, not everything would be optimal and if you consider to use it as a daily driver, we would suggest you to install it on a spare iOS device. To our view, the overall upgrade build is pretty damned solid, wait till its officially released. So buckle up and cancel what you're doing because we're going to take a look at what Apple calls, 'The future of iOS'.

Gearing Up With Basics

Its the number of small things that make an overall impression and Apple has done exactly what makes iOS 9 different. When you experience iOS 9, you will notice a jump in speed and fluid transitions. Shifting between applications is plain and consistent. The major aspect of fluidity will be noticed in messages, web pages, email and PDFs.

In the familiar iOS Home Screen, a word nerd can notice a change in font. It would be cumbersome to accept at first but later you'll regard it as a positive change. The font shift from Helvetica to San Francisco features a richer text yet bulkier. There is now a significant distance between letter and words for a much spacious feel.

App switching in iOS 9 has taken a card flipping view which is quite attractive and fun to use. Cards in the app switcher overlap one another and graphically it looks quite appealing. Other than this, Apple has also introduced a 'Low Power Mode' which we all were waiting for. It extends your battery life for up to 3 hours. All together, there is also an hour extended time in the battery department due to a lighter and more efficient iOS 9. Overall, there is a hefty amount of improvement in Battery life.

The continuity feature has been modified for more integration with other devices like the ability to transfer phone calls to a Mac or iPad. This is an essential feature for day to day use. There is also an addition of an app that enables android users to transfer files to iOS called 'Move to iOS'. Android users will now be able to send any kind of file to iOS users using this application. It does not necessarily mean that the two people will have to be in range of each other. It works anywhere, anytime.

Some Familiar Applications

There is a slight addition of applications in the new iOS 9. When you see the Home Screen for the first time, you'll notice a News app. This application is familiar to the Flipboard application but its simply more fun. The News App collects hot topics according to consumer preferences and provides relevant information that interests you. Its not included in the developer beta yet and we'll notify you if it is included in the upcoming beta versions.

The Notes App - One of our favorite apps have faced a major redesign. Even if no body used it, Apple just gave us a reason to make plans. The total revamp includes a new checklist of to-do's, you can now add photos to your notes as well as maps or locations for easy referencing. Links can be added along with a new doodling tool for sketching and drawing using finger touch. This has really redesigned the Notes App and the change is good.

Furthermore, the Maps App has taken a step forward to tackle Google Maps on. The Apple Maps App now offers public transportation directions. This is called the transit view which is quite useful for people who are fond of public transportation. Wallet is now replacing the Passbook in iOS 9 which will keep track of your credentials and its integration to Apple Pay. Apple Pay is now more diversely spread over United States and it was debuted in the United Kingdom a few days back. Now you don't have to unlock your device to use Apple Pay, you simply press the Home button twice when you put your iPhone near the terminal. Its a cool addition to the Apple Pay.

Above all, Apple has also added a new page to the Home Screen,  the Search Screen. It shows various category of information constituting People, Apps, Places and News that seems relevant for the occasion. Search has also been modified and it now shows more precise results than ever with the least time. It is also able to search documents in the iCloud drive which is pretty neat and handy.

Brains Under The Hood

iOS 9 is going to be more efficient  in terms of improvements under the hood than it has ever been in any department. Its proactive and its intelligent enough to remind you to grab your coffee from the car roof before you drive. Apple tends to make things simpler yet time saving, cutting out all the extra steps involved in doing so. iOS 9 now saves time by using its own common sense to devise the shortest routes in getting a task done. It suggests you names when you copy stuff for sharing, judging by your most frequent and habitual behavior on the field and same goes for the subject matter.

The system identifies the songs or albums you were listening to, the last time you injected earbuds. It devised you suggestion and offers for nearby restaurants and other shops, judging by your GPS location. It can even remind you more efficiently. For instance you got a phone number in your messages, all you have to do is access Siri right there and ask it to remind you to call the displayed number. It works and saves time in the most efficient manner possible.

One of the most awesome features in iOS 9 is how it hunts down an unknown caller. It looks for the contact name from your email or messages and displays it on the screen as a possible user. iOS 9 is now much more proactive, intelligent and an ever smarter OS like no other in the market. It feels like a companion more than an OS, devising you ways to get the job done in the least amount of time.

Security plays a vital role in iOS 9. As we all know Apple has changed its security criteria for signing into Apple ID. The Recovery Key option has been removed from iOS 9 and a two-factor authentication system is adopted that takes into account other trusted devices for verification process. The feature is set to provide users an easy yet authenticated route to sign in. If users have their Recovery Keys lost then iOS 9 is where you can redeem them. This feature is not only introduced in iOS 9 but OS X El Capitan has featured it too.

The iPad Specials And Other Bits

Apple has devised something special for iPad, something we've all been craving for a long time. Yes! iPad is finally chosen to feature multi-tasking. The full split-screen multitasking is available on the iPad Air 2 while the previous gen iPad features multi-tasking with a limited version where users cannot have an equal split but a portion of the screen. This feature reflects the future of iOS in upcoming years. On the other hand, the feature would be fully supported on the expected iPad Pro which is set to launch by the end of this year. Android tablets and smartphones have had this feature for a long time but its really good to see the change finally making its way to Apple's ecosystem.

You can also shrink videos and Facetime video calls to a certain level and continue your work where you left off. The video will continue to play as you use a different application. To be honest, you won't even notice these features until you need them and do expect a high rate of exclamations in iOS 9.

iOS 9 also brought a set of new features in the keyboard department. There are a new set of controls for easy editing and formatting, controls like cut, copy, paste and other stuff. Custom keys can also be added to the bar according to needs and preferences. The iPad is transforming for both educational and organisational  purposes and will probably boost sales if it sets down the right road.

The keyboard is also modified to act as a trackpad which makes it easier for users to select text in a precise manner. You can place two fingers on the trackpad and move the cursor around with one finger while keep the other constant for selecting. Hence, selecting text and editing notes have never been more easier on an iOS device - the change is appreciated. There are a lot of other minor changes in keyboard which users will unveil as they walk-through.

The Final Verdict

Judging by the minor and major additions in iOS 9, we conclude that there is a lot of stuff crammed into one OS package which is less in size compared to the current iOS 8 version. There are a lot of other features and improvements made in the iOS 9 which you will come to know when you see them. The iOS 9's big leap is definitely going to be a far one and truly an operating system which is set to tackle the future needs. The under the hood improvements are immense to grant it the title of being a major upgrade.

If you wish to check out the announced iOS 9, it is available in the beta version. However, you can wait till September when the final version arrives with fully optimal working apps and a stable build. iOS 9 will be covered in detail as soon as it arrives. As for now, share your thoughts in the comments. Do you think iOS 9 is a major upgrade designed for the future?

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