ID-COOLING Introduces the IS-47K: A Low-Profile CPU Cooler


ID-COOLING announces the IS-47K, a CPU cooler that is perfect for the small form factor PC builders, this is because this CPU cooler has a height of just 47 mm. One exciting feature of this CPU cooler is that the fan attaches to the bottom of the heatsink, instead of to the top of the heatsink, unlike conventional low-profile CPU coolers.

ID-COOLING's newest low-profile CPU cooler is the IS-47K that is designed with mini-ITX systems in mind!

The IS-47K CPU cooler features a low-profile design, and this design makes this CPU cooler perfect for ITX PC cases. This CPU cooler features a maximum height of just 47 mm, and in addition to being perfect for ITX PC cases, this CPU cooler is compatible with all high-profile memories. The included PWM fan located on the bottom of the heatsink and the fan pushes air to the cooler to bring better heat transfer from the CPU and parts of the motherboard as well.

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The Heat sink can cool part of the motherboard by the simple fact that the heatsink sits above a significant side of the motherboard, this heatsink overhangs on the IO side of the motherboard as to not conflict with any RAM on a mini-ITX motherboard.

This CPU cooler features a polished copper base that uses a total of six Nickel-plated heat pipes to efficiently transfer the heat from the copper base into the high-density heatsink that is surrounded by a frosted metal frame.


This fan is a customized 92mm x 92mm x 15mm PWM Cooling fan. This fan offers a fan speed from 600 RPM to 2,500 RPM allowing for fantastic airflow keeping the heatsink cool. This fan also uses a hydraulic bearing that means at maximum speed, and this fan only creates 33 dBA of noise. This keeps even the most powerful of systems quiet when under full load.

This CPU cooler features support for only AMD AM4 socket, and for Intel, this CPU cooler features support for a wide range of sockets. The supported Intel sockets include LGA 1200 / 1151 / 1150 / 1155 and Intel's LGA 1156 socket.

ID-COOLING prices the IS-47K Low Profile CPU cooler at $49.99, and the expected availability is the end of this month, June, to early next month, July, with shipments starting in Mid of this month.