Icy Dock Announces the ToughArmor MB840M2P-B: Allows Users to Hot-Swap NVMe Drives

Source: Icy Dock

Icy Dock, who had previously announced an adapter that allows users to connect an SSD to a PCIe slot shown here, has now announced the ToughArmor MB840M2P-B. This adapter allows users to hot-swap NVMe drives, allowing users to keep the system running even while changing out NVMe drives. This adapter works with a 4x, 8x, or a 16x expansion slot and supports an NVMe SSD with a length of 110 mm. This adapter is perfect for users that want to have fast reliable storage, but want to retain the ability to easily remove the drive and replace it.

The ToughArmour MB840M2P-B is an adapter that allows users to quickly and easily hot-swap M.2 NVMe SSDs and features a ruggedized full-metal construction allowing for a fantastically long life for this device

The ToughArmor MB840M2P-B is able to transform any PCIe slot into a removable M.2 SSD Bay, this will allow users to easily swap M.2 NVMe SSDs without needing to either restart or open the computer case.

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Source: Icy Dock

To install an M.2 NVMe SSD into this adapter, the NVMe drive must be installed in the M.2 adjustable locker, which can support an NVMe SSD with a length of up to 110 mm. This locker is made with full-metal and acts as a heatsink to easily dissipate the heat generated by the M.2 NVMe SSD. To facilitate the thermal transfer from the drive to the casing is an included thermal pad.

This locker also features EMI grounding technology, this technology ensures that no matter the static shock that comes to the locker the SSD will not be damaged.

Since this device also features a ruggedized full-metal chassis, tray, and mounting bracket enable this device to offer a longer product life. The built-in anti-vibration mechanism that is built right into the chassis is also able to shield the drive from environmental damage.

This device uses the PCIe 3.0 interface and uses the PCIe slot to transfer both power and data between the drive and the computer. Since this adapter uses the PCIe slot to provide power it doesn't require an external cord from the power supply. Icy Dock has not released any pricing information.

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