Iceborne’s Endgame Will Be More Challenging, Says CAPCOM

Monster Hunter World

Iceborne, the upcoming Monster Hunter World expansion, will provide a greater challenge to players at the endgame. That's what Kaname Fujioka, Executive Director and Art Director on Monster Hunter World, confirmed in an interview with Game Informer.

We’ve taken that feedback to heart from players who wanted more difficulty and more challenge and really delivered on that with Iceborne.

It’s not like players new to Iceborne will get into the game and feel a sudden challenge or difficulty spike that they haven’t been expecting at all. One of the things about difficulty that was a point of feedback from players was about the number of options that they had, and that’s something we really adjusted this time around. There is a higher volume of difficult challenges they can take on in the game while at the same time observing a natural difficulty curve that will make it easier for players to enjoy that difficulty naturally.

I think for players who are going straight from the end of the story from World it’s going to feel a little more difficult when they’re transitioning into the new master rank for Iceborne. If it’s players who have been going in-depth into the content for Monster Hunter World and the updates, then they’ll feel a much smoother transition for difficulty than other players will.

Iceborne is due for release on September 4th for consoles (PlayStation 4, Xbox One), with PC coming in the Fall. PC users with NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards are also about to get NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) support with Update 6.1, scheduled to go live on Wednesday, July 17th. NVIDIA's own benchmarks have promised over 50% of performance improvements (average frame rate) at 4K resolution, though we'll conduct our own tests soon and report the findings. Stay tuned!

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