NVIDIA DLSS to be Added to Monster Hunter World with Next Week’s Patch

Monster Hunter World on PC will receive Update 6.1 next Thursday, as announced today by CAPCOM. The main highlight of this update is the introduction of NVIDIA's Deep Learning Super Sampling technology to the game.

On Thursday, July 18 at 00:00 a.m. UTC, we will release title update 6.1, which includes the following new features and bug fixes.

Major Additions and Changes
- NVIDIA DLSS support.
This allows for improved performance while maintaining visual fidelity, using the powers of AI and deep learning.
(Requires an NVIDIA RTX graphics card and Windows 10.)

Required resolutions to use NVIDIA DLSS:
16:9 aspect ratio - 2560x1440 or higher
21:9 aspect ratio - 3360x1440 or higher

- Data for future events.

- Various bug fixes.

We've covered DLSS extensively on Wccftech, but in case you're not familiar with its, its main purpose is to increase the game's frame rate by using the Tensor Cores available in the GeForce RTX graphics cards. NVIDIA's own deep learning neural network is trained over time to continuously improve performance in games while maintaining a good balance with image quality. You can find out a more detailed explanation in our previous article.

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Monster Hunter World isn't the greatest PC port, as discussed by Keith in his analysis. Having NVIDIA DLSS could allow GeForce RTX users to boost the visuals as much as possible, perhaps even with ReShade based ray tracing mods, while maintaining a smooth frame rate.

In other Monster Hunter World news, CAPCOM revealed new monster subspecies and a new gathering hub from the upcoming Iceborne expansion, due in early September for consoles and later in the Fall season for PC.

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