HTC Preparing a U11 Plus Flagship With an 18:9 Display for a Later Unveiling

Omar Sohail
HTC Preparing a U11 Plus Flagship With an 18:9 Display for a Later Unveiling

Thought the U11 was going to be the only flagship from HTC this year? A new rumor claims that it is going to take more than Google’s acquisition of the Taiwanese manufacturer to prevent it from releasing yet another phone. Being called the U11 Plus, this phone is rumored to follow the same design footsteps as the rest of the 2017 flagship brethren.

Rumor Suggests That HTC U11 Plus Will Feature a Snapdragon 835 and Will Also Ship With Facial Recognition

A rumor originating out of China reveals that though the HTC U11 Plus will feature a Snapdragon 835 just like the high-end smartphone released earlier this year, there will be some cosmetic changes added to the mix. First off, we should be looking at an 18:9 aspect ratio, which strongly suggests that the smartphone will have a bezel-less display like the LG V30, which has the same aspect ratio.

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However, this potentially means the fingerprint reader will be placed at the back panel since the technology that allows fingerprint sensors to be embedded beneath the display has not been readied yet. This is going to be the first time ever that HTC adopts a bezel-less smartphone form factor so here’s to hoping that the manufacturer also incorporates convenient features such as wireless charging.

In order to achieve this, HTC will have to use a glass and metal chassis to allow wireless induction but that might drive the overall price sky high. Even when the U Ultra was announced at the start of the year, it featured previous-generation hardware, no headphone jack, an expensive price tag and lack of value to justify the purchase, showing that the company’s pricing strategy was not working out for them at all.

Pricing has always been an issue for the company as far as its mobile division goes but competitive pricing is something we feel will help generate more sales for the manufacturer.

For now, take this rumor with a bucket of salt but we’re quite interested if you’d like to see an HTC U11 Plus in the future?

News Source: MyDrivers

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