HTC Press conference planned for October 6th in the UK

Syavash Pahore

HTC is planning a "press conference and party" for October 6th in the UK. This means HTC is planning to reveal something big next month as they usually have with their press conferences. The most likely unveiling is that of the HTC Vigor which is coming to the US as the Droid Incredible HD according to rumors. As mentioned earlier the device has a WXGA display which makes it the first HD smartphone in the industry. Or it could be another device such as the HTC Beat media player.

Apart from the Vigor and the Beat, which are easily the most important devices HTC is rumored to be developing, the Vigor due to its high specs and HD screen, and the Beat because it is their first media player, there are other devices aswell that could be unveiled such as the white HTC Runnymede, another high end Android powered device similar to the WP7 HTC Titan. The device has a cool white look and a mammoth 4.7" screen among other things.

While we'd love to see those devices get some coverage, it could be that HTC brings up some new devices aswell that we haven't heard of yet, though chances are HTC will be revealing more about some of the devices already mentioned.

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