Meet The HTC One E9: The One M9’s Little Sibling With A Powerful Punch

After the launch of the One M9 last month, HTC's focusing on its mid-rangers now, with the company having launched the HTC One E9 today. While we're still waiting for the One M9 Plus to launch next month, with HTC already having put a launch date around the device, we have another HTC device that the company has launched today. And while mid-rangers might not have a charm similar to high-end flagships, they do end up fulfilling the smartphone quota for several people, and the HTC One E9 seems to be aimed towards doing that as well.

HTC Launches Toned Down One M9 Variant Today With The HTC One E9 Launch

For all those folks who prefer HTC's design, but aren't able to, or dont want to purchase the One M9 launched at the start of this month by HTC, the HTC One E9 might just be the device for you. Sure it won't end up providing that premium look and feel associated with the One M9, nor will it come featuring Qualcomm's octa core Snapdragon 810, which has become quite notorious for its heating issues, particularly with HTC's latest flagship, but the One E9 still has a couple of punches it can throw your way.

The HTC One E9 has been launched with the MediaTek MT6795M CPU, coupled with 3 GB of RAM. And while this might not be Qualcomm's big.LITTLE Snapdragon 810 beast, its still an octa core processor that comes with ARM's Cortex A53 cores on board, meaning that you should be expecting fluid performance given that you're not a heavy smartphone user. There's been no compromise by HTC when it comes to the camera resolution on the E9, with the device still sporting a 20 MP rear camera, coupled with an Ultra-Pixel, 4MP front camera for the device. All of this is supplemented with 16 GB of internal storage that's expandable, and a reasonable battery with a capacity of 2800 mAh. Impressed? Not impressed? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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