The New HTC Flagship Phone Will Have A Completely Different Name


After HTC planned to incorporate Helio X20 in its One M9 handset later in the year, the Taiwanese will also be announcing its upcoming flagship smartphone in 2016. Before you jump to the conclusion in believing that the smartphone is going to be named One M10, HTC has thought up of a completely different name. Most importantly, this particular device is going to feature some really impressive hardware specifications.

HTC O2 Will Be Running Snapdragon 820; Expected To Be Announced During MWC 2016

According to a source, HTC O2 is going be running Snapdragon 820, which is processed under Samsung’s 14 nm FinFET architecture. Though Snapdragon 810 turned out to be a disaster, Snapdragon 820 will keep its thermals in complete check. What is even more exciting to witness is that the upcoming SoC is not going to be running Cortex-A72 cores, but the company’s own custom Hydra cores. The processor present inside Snapdragon 820 will be a quad-core, and according to our previous reports, it is expected that the clock speed of these cores will be 3.0 GHz.

HTC O2 featuring a Snapdragon 820 is a very commendable choice shown by the smartphone manufacturing firm, especially when we thought that after the Snapdragon 810 fiasco, the company will be looking to form a long-term partnership with MediaTek. In addition to Snapdragon 820, HTC O2 will be featuring 4 GB of RAM, along with a tons of internal and external storage for flexible transfer of storage between multiple devices.

Now comes the announcement date of HTC O2. Since HTC One M9 was announced during MWC 2015, we expect that the upcoming flagship offering will be announced during MWC 2016, which is going to be held in a completely different venue. So far, this is all the information that we have at this current point. Like all unannounced smartphones, we expect a myriad of leaks to pour through and will keep you updated with the latest.