HTC 7 Trophy, HTC’s first Windows Phone 7 powered phone?

These images of the HTC 7 Trophy appeared on many sites and as you can see the pictures are quite clear and don't seem to have any reason to consider them a work of photoshop, Windows Phone 7 is a generally new platform which has very few phones to its name such as the Samsung i8700 HTC has announced many other Windows Phone 7 powered phones such as the Schubert, Mozart and the Mondrian, this phone could be any of them or even a new model which HTC is keeping quite about.

With so many platforms out in the open competing against each other it makes it very hard for a consumer to make decisions on which phone to buy, Apple and their iOS are obviously more popular over other OS's while Android and Google are slowly gaining popularity among the masses, and then we have favorites like Nokia and their Symbian OS. Microsoft released Windows Phone 7 hoping to create healthy competition among their smart phone competitors. Each platform has their ups and downs but with Windows Phone 7 still in its infancy it will still be a long time before it is able to compete with the likes of Apple or Google in the handheld smartphone market (at least where sales are concerned anyways)

Source: PocketNow

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