HTC 10 Is the Latest Exploding Phone, Causes Severe Hand Burns as Shown in Image

HTC 10

Lithium-ion batteries are a ticking time bomb inside a smartphone’s compact space, and using a combination of chargers and cables can expedite the fiery conclusion of a handset. This time, it is not any smartphone belonging to the Samsung family, but the HTC 10, which has given one female user more trouble than she could handle, which you will see in the image and other details provided.

HTC 10 Goes Through a Violent Explosion - Causes Severe Damage to Woman’s Hand, Leaving Her Unable to Carry Out Her Day to Day Activities

After the incident took place on June 21, Nidhi Kapoor received an eye infection and burned her fingers, forcing her to wrap her scarred hand in a combination of bandages and padding. Her response given below sums up her experience with the HTC customer service representatives.

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“21st June 2017, my HTC 10 exploded which burned my fingers and gave an infection in the eye. I purchased on 17th january 2017. It has been a week and since then HTC have given me no response. All they ask is my email id and imei number which i have given so many times. It was not even charging when the phone exploded and not even on call. I am not able to work and even do properly day to day activities. I demand some answers for this. It could have been worst if the phone would hv exploded in any kind of transportation and it would have been easy to declare me a terrorist. I want this issue to be resolved and demand to take this situation very seriously.”

It is important to note that she has not posted an image of the damaged HTC 10, but according to different sources, the company has contacted her and requested more information through private messaging. Even though this could have been an isolated case, always remember that if you are using any smartphone, its care and handling immediately becomes your responsibility.

What this also means is that you either use the bundled charger and cable or you purchase accessories that are safe and certified to use with different smartphones.

So far, it is too early to draw up any conclusions, especially when we cannot even see the picture of the HTC 10 that went up in smoke.

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