Thymesia Guide – How To Unlock All Endings (Spoilers)


Warning: this guide contains major spoilers of the game, so if you haven’t completed Thymesia yet, read it at your own risk.

Once you defeat the game’s final boss in the Ocean of Memories, you will go back to Philosopher’s Hills and start a conversation with Aisemy. She will ask if you remember what you put in Hermes’ Answer. Here, you will be able to select two Cores that need to be combined to unlock the different endings of Thymesia.

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To get all the endings, five in total, you must defeat all the game bosses, completing both the main story and the available subquests. Each of them will drop their Core once defeated, and you need all of them to unlock the different finales. In this guide, you will find the different Core combinations you can use to unlock all endings in Thymesia.

Thymesia Cores: How To Get Them

To get the Cores that need to be used during the ending of Thymesia, you need to defeat each boss of the game. This includes the four quests needed to progress through the main storyline and the subquests you unlock as you advance in the adventure, as well. There are three different types of Cores in Thymesia:

  • Vile Blood Core: you will obtain it from Odur, Sound of the Abyss, and God of the Fools.
  • Pure Blood Core: you will obtain it from Varg and Urd.
  • Mutated Core: you will obtain it from The Hanged Queen and Mutated Odur.

How To Get All Endings in Thymesia

Below you will find the right Core combinations that will let you unlock all possible endings in Thymesia, along with a brief explanation of each finale.

Power of the Vile Blood

To unlock this ending, you need to combine two Vile Blood Cores. Since three Cores fall under this type, you can pick any of them. Let’s say:

  • Fool’s God’s Core
  • Sound of the Abyss’ Core

In this ending, the plague finally ends, but humans turn into grotesque figures, and creatures grow more and more ferocious. They start killing each other, feeding on the disease. The world that humans used to know slowly started to decay.

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Blessing of the Pure Blood

To get this ending in Thymesia, you need to combine the two Pure Blood Cores:

  • Varg’s Core
  • Urd’s Core

In this ending, all the pain and suffering slowly end. Monsters disappear, but more and more factions made up of ambitious power-seekers start to lure in researchers. All kingdoms struggle to gain control of the powers of alchemy. Aisemy and Corvus leave with the research obtained from Hermes’ Answer to keep it safe from those who have been corrupted by power.

Harmonized Force

To unlock this ending, you need to combine the two Mutated Cores:

  • Mutated Odur’s Core
  • The Hanged Queen’s Core

In this ending, the harmonized forces neutralize all reactions to Pure and Vile Blood. Those who have been enhanced by alchemy lose their powers, and the entire kingdom is rebuilt. However, the threat of the plague still looms.

Power of Cleansing

To get this ending, you must combine the two Mutated Cores and keep moving the left stick forward to unlock a secret scene.

  • Mutated Odur’s Core
  • The Hanged Queen’s Core

In this secret ending, the power of Vile and Pure Blood is perfectly balanced, although with Corvus’ sacrifice. Future generations preserve his memories and refrain from using alchemy again.

Chaotic Power

To unlock this ending, you must use any Core combination that has not been described before. Let’s say:

  • Odur’s Core
  • The Hanged Queen’s Core

In this ending, an unknown and chaotic power slowly but steadily corrodes the land, affecting each form of life differently. Some creatures become monsters, growing increasingly grotesque, while others unexpectedly heal.

If you need help beating the main bosses of Thymesia and getting their cores, you can read our guides on defeating Odur, The Hanged Queen, Varg, and Corvus.

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