Small Window Opens for Windows Insiders to Switch Channels – Here’s How to Avoid Clean Installation


Microsoft has finally started to deliver new Windows 11 builds from the upcoming update to Windows Insiders signed up with the Beta Channel. Today's Build 22581 is being flighted to Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel along with the Dev Channel Insiders.

When this happens, Microsoft opens up a small window for Insiders to switch their channels. "Now that the Dev and Beta Channels are receiving the same builds, the limited window has opened for Insiders to switch channels if desired," the Windows development team wrote. "The time is now for you to make sure you’re in the channel you want to be going forward!"

Windows 11 Preview Build 25115 Released – After This You Won’t Be Able to Switch to Beta Channel

How to shift to a different Windows Insider channel

If you are in the Beta Channel, but now want to move to a slower channel to stay on the released version of Windows 11. You have 10 days or until Microsoft rolls out a newer build to roll back.

Dev Channel Insiders can choose to move to Beta Channel during this window. Once builds with higher build numbers are released to the Dev Channel and your device on the Dev Channel gets that build, you will have to do a clean installation of the released version of Windows 11 to be able to switch to the Beta Channel.

Unless you want to schedule time for that, think about what kind of builds you want, and follow these very simple steps to make the switch to the right channel for the next few months.

  1. Open Settings > Windows Update > Windows Insider Program.
  2. Select Choose your Insider settings.
  3. Select Beta Channel.
  4. The next update will be for your new channel.

Microsoft has yet again clarified that it is now running parallel development paths through Dev and Beta Channels. "The Dev Channel will be a place where we will try out different concepts, incubate new ideas, and work on long lead items that may not get released to general customers," Amanda Langowski and Brandon LeBlanc wrote.

"The Beta Channel will be the place we preview experiences that are closer to what we will ship to our general customers. However, this does not mean every feature we try out in the Beta Channel will ship."

You can read more about what's coming with today's Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22581 over in this piece.

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