How to Use Picture in Picture on tvOS 13 Running on Apple TV

Picture in Picture on tvOS

Here's how you can use Picture in Picture on tvOS 13 on your Apple TV or Apple TV 4K. This feature works just like iPadOS and macOS.

Picture in Picture on tvOS Lets You Keep up With Your Favorite Movie, TV Show While Browsing Something Else

On iPadOS and macOS, it's a huge blessing that you can just enable Picture in Picture mode to have a floating video overlay which you can move around anywhere you like. Essentially, this means that you can keep up with your video content without worrying about burying it somewhere in the background. It's absolutely cool and you can do the same thing in tvOS as well. tvOS 13, to be more precise.

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Perfect for Multitasking (Sort of)

While there is not a lot you can accomplish with Picture in Picture on tvOS, but it does have certain utilities. For example, if you are a severe multitasking machine, then you can have a TV show or movie playing on a floating window while checking out other content in the Apple TV app.

Let me make something clear right now: the Picture in Picture on tvOS feature works only within the TV app. Once you leave the TV app, the Picture in Picture mode will end too. Therefore, it's only sort of useful on the Apple TV. Furthermore, this feature works on both the Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K.

Slightly Limited (At the Time of Writing)

The only downside of this feature is this - you'll be limited to the Apple TV app for now, and third-party support does not exist. If you were hoping for some Picture in Picture action on YouTube or Netflix, that's not going to happen. But, I will show you how to use it anyway as it's one of the coolest features you can try out on your Apple TV running tvOS 13.

How to Enable Picture in Picture on tvOS

Like I said before, this works only in the Apple TV app. Here's how you can use it right away:

Step 1. Launch the TV app from your Apple TV's home screen.

Step 2. Play any available movie or TV show.

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Step 3. Once the video is playing, bring up the on-screen controls by simply swiping your finger on the Siri Remote's touchpad.

Step 4. Now select and press on the Picture in Picture button. It looks like box with an arrow inside pointing towards the bottom right of the display. It's literally the only button on the screen and I'd be very surprised if you do manage to miss it.

Picture in Picture on tvOS

Once you press the Picture in Picture button, the video will minimize and hover on the bottom right of the display. If you want to see more options, press the Home button on the Siri Remote.

Picture in Picture on tvOS options

Once you press the Home button again, you can interact with three options (from left to right).

  • Disable Picture in Picture mode
  • Change position of Picture in Picture window
  • Close the video completely

That's about it, you now know how to use Picture in Picture mode on tvOS.

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